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 * Developer and co-admin of (new Drupal based site)  * Developer and co-admin of (new Drupal based site, not yet finished) [ new]



Major Contributions to OSS in the past

  • Speaker at many Open Source conferences, and the roadshows for years
  • Translator of OSS apps (Gimp,, Drupal, Plone, IceWM etc.)

  • co-admin, and member of translation team
  • Founder, admin, and developer of - the Hungarian GIMP community site

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Member of the organizing staff of the [ Hungarian Ubuntu Conference 2006].

  • Hungarian translations (member of HungarianTeam)

  • Contributor to the Hungarian Ubuntu Linux Community site: [] - it provides informations in many topics (mainly based on the Hungarian translation of the Ubuntu Guide, but extended), such as howtos, faqs, and install instructions for laptops (wiki-style, and a forum is also available). Now it is under face lifting, and being rebuilt based on Drupal.

  • Presented Ubuntu on local TV ([], Linuxportál live show): Graphical applications under Ubuntu Linux (2007-01-03)

  • Talked at the Hungarian Ubuntu Conference 2006 (Graphical applications under Ubuntu, 2006-10-28)
  • InfoSavaria (a local conference for teachers) - Introduction into Ubuntu - the server solution (2007-03-24)

  • Developer and co-admin of (new Drupal based site, not yet finished) [ new]

  • Leader of the Hungarian Translation Team
  • Web-based tool for Localisation Team - [ localisation koodination], we get hungarian localisation data from Launchpad

Planned contributions to Ubuntu

  • Community building and developing
  • Translating and writing Ubuntu documentation and HOWTOs


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