I'm currently a student at McMaster University in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. I've been using Linux at varying levels of activity for about six years, and as my sole platform since the release of Dapper.

I've been doing Web and Database Development for several years; at first as a hobby in high school, and then professionally to fund my education. I primarily work with PHP and MySQL, although I enjoy (prefer? maybe, but shh..don't tell the boss Smile :) Python.

I've also done some work installing Asterisk phone systems, and am currently trying out the instalation of a system using Ubuntu server, which is my first exposure to that platform.

Ubuntu Computers

Between myself and people who I actively help running Ubuntu, I have access to quite a variety of computers, meaning I get the joy of finding a wide variety of bugs.


  • Core 2 Duo E6600 on an Asus P5B - Dapper and Feisty (sort of)
  • Intel P4 1.7GHz on an IBM Netvista motherboard - In the process of setting up Ubuntu server on here


  • IBM Thinkpad A21m - soon to be loaded up with Xubuntu Feisty
  • Dell Inspiron 8000 - Xubuntu Feisty
  • Acer Aspire (?) - Ubuntu Feisty
  • Fujitsu (?) - Ubutnu Feisty

Ubuntu Converts

My current personal convert-count is up to 6:

  • a former opensuse user who had been using Windows since getting a new computer
  • an on-again-off-again linux user who had been using Windows on his desktop (and is still using OSX on his macbook)
  • a complete beginner who was frustrated with spyware, virii and BS on windows, and finds ubuntu to be prettier
  • a former OSX iBook user who needed a desktop
  • a family with an older computer who had been running windows 98. Switched them to Edubuntu, since their 6 year old son uses the computer more than anyone else in the house.
  • a windows user who loves customising his work environment, which was formerly windows, and so involved downloading all sorts of addons and thus spyware. This seemed to always result in him spending far more time cleaning up his computer than he did having fun and being productive with it. Withing a period of a month he has gone from being commandline-o-phobic to complaining when i use synaptic rather than "apt-get install"ing new packages.

Ubuntu Involvement

I've recently applied to join the bug squad, although I may not have as much time to devote to that as I'd like.

Packaging Interests

I am not currently a MOTU, but an area that I would love to begin contributing to would be the creation and maintenance of packages for free biomedical and scientific software. The scientific community has long understood the benefits of the collective, and there is an abundance of well funded free biomedical software, often produced through government grants, that mostly has yet to see the light through wide-spread distrobution. Many biomedical researchers and students would love to have access to these applications, but have little knoledge of or interest in "sudo make install"ing anything.


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