Gabriel Puliatti

I am Gabriel Puliatti, student of Markhan College in Lima, Peru. I am a relatively new member of PLUG, Peru Linux User Group, and have been using Linux for 3 years.

I have yet to be directly involved, but I was involved itsyn inc. while a project featuring multihead computing was being done. I also was involved in the implementation of a VoIP network for some UNDP LEDC countries using asterisk and running Mandrake Linux (now Mandiva.) I am also testing Breezy Badger for bugs.

I would be interested in working mainly with alternative WMs (fluxbox, xfce, enlightment) and translation of Ubuntu packages into both Italian and Spanish, languages I am proficient at.

As I am only a student, I have a fairly large amount of free time, time which could perfectly be spent helping Ubuntu. My weekends are also free for work.


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