Gabriel Noronha


Work in progress

I'm a University of Newcastle undergrad studying mathematics.



IRC(freenode): Gabz , Gabz^laptop

To Do

  • upload pgp key
  • sign CoC
  • lots of other stuff


At the moment i don't do much for Ubuntu expect hang out on IRC.



Ask To get folding@Home made into a deb.

  • To increase the use of folding@home by adding it to the repository and making it easier for less technical to install and contribute to the Folding@home project, also look at a gui to start and stop the service. current installation instructions

Ubuntu Stall

Get a Ubuntu stall at the computer markets

  • Costs
    • $70 amount charged to vendors for a stall at Computer markets
    • CD's will need CD's to hand out (money for blanks or for shipit)
    • Promotional material
  • Needs
    • Volunteers
    • Demo Computer Something that shows off Ubuntu
    • Computer to do new net installs
    • Monitors keyboards and mice (for doing fresh installs on towers)
  • Promotional Material
    • List of local LUGs
    • How to get help (Wiki, Irc , Screencasts, forums and lugs)
    • Hardware Recommendations (Maybe just a Hardware blacklist *cough* SIS)
    • Information for other vendors on why they should ship new systems with ubuntu
  • Todo
    • Email Computer markets and see if we can get discounted rates: Non-Profit, we will give computer markets more exposure, non-Sydney area discount....etc...
    • Propose the idea to the Australian Ubuntu Team - DONE discussed on the meeting 8/5/2007

  • Wishlist:
    • Internet access, Allows use to demo things like connecting to IRC for help accessing the documentation, the Ubuntu forums, and screencasts. cons: most venues are sporting halls so we would have to use expensive wireless connections.
    • Ubuntu Employee, Makes things so much more official, brings in the crowds with there celebrity us someone to palm the hard questions off to.

I can't take full credit for this idea and i doubt I'm the first to think about it. Keith Suggested we put up posters to promote our Lug at the computer markets and the idea move from there. While the Computer Market moves around the state, the same outline can be used for other states. I would like the first place we try this to be Newcastle.

  • Comments
    • When idea was proposed at meeting many negative reactions at the cost
    • constructive comments from meeting
      • <Changlinn> Gabz: which markets, I tried to get one going at north rocks, they even had a meeting about it and never got back to me

      • <elkbuntu> Gabz, you'll get at least one conf pack from shipit, *maaaaybe* two, per release. so unless there is only one actual event run per 3mths, you'll be in for doing alot of burning

      • <Changlinn> Gabz: I can get you cdr's at wholesale

Ubuntu Friendly ISP list

Make a Wiki page as part of the Austrlian Team which lists the ISP which are Ubuntu "Friendly"


  • access to Ubuntu mirror
  • Un-metered access or "free" access to Ubuntu mirrors
    • CD or/and Repositories.
    • How often repositories are updated.
  • Ubuntu Support
    • if the tech support line will deal with Ubuntu users (officially and unofficially)

There is already some information Local Apt Mirrors

Personal Projects

University of Newcastle wireless

Getting the University's wireless network and proxy to talk to Ubuntu nice and happy.

New guide being written see

Promote LOGIN

Getting more people to local Lug meeting. Linux Owners Group in Newcastle


Leave whatever comments about my Wiki page here.

  • Nice page Gabz, hope you don't mind I copied the layout -- Changlinn.

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