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Actually, Ubuntu Linux offers a lot of posibilities for develop a game. This is very good for homebrew software, because there is a lot languajes, audio libraries, graphics libraries, network libraries, GUI libraries and so... But for the game industry this is bad, because they never know when a library comes out of support from their creators, or simply, their creators redesign it and broke the game code. This Spec want to address this problem, offering a common denominator for develop a game that runs in Ubuntu Linux.

Release Note

The first complete release of 'GamesForUbuntu' platform/package must include an Integrated Development Environment for C/C++ languaje, the OpenGL SDK, the OpenAL SDK, the SDL SDK and a few code samples 'compile&run' compliant. The standard end-user Ubuntu Desktop distribution don't be impacted, this will be only an add-on package that makes simpler the thing of install and configure the libraries that makes posible develop a game for Ubuntu.


A stable development platform for games will make Ubuntu Desktop a good target for games from the game industry. With more comercial games, the Ubuntu Desktop will gain weight in the Operating Systems balance. This Spec address directly the bug #1, too.

Use Cases

  • RadicalGames want to develop linux games, but his programmers is tied to Directx platform. They want a VisualStudio&Directx-like solution for develop a brand-new game for Ubuntu.


  • The Ubuntu Desktop must have the OpenGL, OpenAL and SDL libraries installed.



UI Changes

Code Changes


Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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