Scheduled Time: 19:00 UTC Sunday, July 26th, 2009
Location: #ubuntu-gaming

Meeting Log: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GamingTeam/Meetings/IRCLogs/2009-07-26

Meeting Chair: Danny Piccirillo
Meeting Minutes by: Danny Piccirillo

Agenda Items

The following agenda items were proposed for this meeting:

  • Defining our team
    • Address concerns
    • Go over goals, purpose, and scope
  • Technical discussion
    • How to coordinate with debian games team and freedesktop games
    • What we can do within the scope of the team
    • LP #386797 to address this

  • Projects
  • Future meetings
    • How often?
  • Jobs
    • Projects leaders - Lead specific projects
    • Meetings Coordinator(s) - Update google calendar and wiki for meetings, manage agenda, and record proceedings
    • Co-team leader - Help DPic manage the team
    • Others?


Meeting Minutes


Meeting Summary

Action Items

Acquired responsibilities

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