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 * '''Mailing list:''' Subscribe here: Mail us here:  * '''Mailing list (Subscribe on [[|Launchpad]]):''' Mail us here: View here:

The Ubuntu Gaming Team recognizes the importance of FOSS gaming for the adoption of Ubuntu and exists to give the open source gaming world a boost!

All in accordance with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

We are a branch of the Marketing Team.

To contribute directly to Debian/Ubuntu with packaging join the Debian Games Team. The scope of the Ubuntu Gaming Team is entirely different and should not overlap at all this the Debian Games Team. We do not deal with requests for updating games in Ubuntu. If you can help with that, please join the Debian Games Team. The Debian Games Team does packaging, whereas we are a community activism/marketing effort to organize around and prioritize the biggest issues with FOSS gaming and how to address them. 


The Gaming Team strives to promote Ubuntu through FOSS games and FOSS games through Ubuntu.

Our objectives are:

  • Connect FOSS gamers on Ubuntu
  • Promote FOSS gaming on Ubuntu
  • Address barriers to the development of FOSS Games
  • Connect LoCo's involved with FOSS gaming

  • Help organize gaming events

Join Us

To join the Ubuntu Gaming Team:

If you are interested in participating in this team, please scroll down to read more.

Getting Involved

The team is always looking for more people to help out. We have huge plans to bring the wonder of FOSS gaming to the world and the more people helping to do that the faster we can make progress. Please read through the pages linked to from this page to get an idea of what we are currently working on.

See Also: ActivismHowTo


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