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= Welcome on my page = e-mail:<<BR>>
irc: ''gpocentek'' on freenode
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== Who am I? ==

I am Gauvain Pocentek, french Ubuntu user (please, excuse my strange english!!).[[BR]]
I study music writing (''écriture'' in french) in Paris, and feel very concerned by the music typesetting, as it's a good way to share music.

== Contact me ==

My email adress is[[BR]]
I'm also connected on jabber servers, with this adress:[[BR]]
My nickname on is Gloubiboulga, and I am usually present on the #ubuntu-fr channel.

== Getting involved ==

As a free software addict, I try to persuade people that they '''should''' use such softwares, even if they can't leave the Redmond's OS.

=== Lilypond ===

I am one of the french translators of the [ Lilypond website]. Lilypond is the "GNU Music Typesetter," and I do my best to help people using it. To do so, I've built a small website, [ GNU-Pond], which provides tips and tricks for french-speaking users.

== Ubuntu Involvement ==

It's directly linked to my Lilypond work. I'm working on the packaging of Lilypond for Ubuntu.[[BR]]
A software of this quality has definitly his place in a Linux distrib. such as Ubuntu.
My LP account: [[|gauvainpocentek]].

irc: gpocentek on freenode

My LP account: gauvainpocentek.


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