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I'm a MOTU since the dapper pre-realease.
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e-mail:[[BR]] e-mail:[[BR]]
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[ This goffice bug] i've filed is a proposed solution to build both gtk and gnome variants of this library. I've also worked on GOffice and Gnumeric to get gtk/GNOME multibuild packages. Gnumeric is now available for Xubuntu without the GNOME deps!
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Most of the work I've done is helping with MUTO stuff. I hope I'll soon become a MOTU myself :)

About me

I am Gauvain Pocentek, french Ubuntu member.BR I study music in Paris, and feel very concerned by music typesetting and music sharing.BR I use linux since 2003, and (X)Ubuntu since the Warty release. I'm a MOTU since the dapper pre-realease.


e-mail: gauvainpocentek@ubuntu.comBR Jabber: gauvainpocentek@jabber.ubuntu-fr.orgBR irc: Gloubiboulga on freenode

My LP account: [ gauvainpocentek].

Free softwares involvment


I am one of the french translators of the [ Lilypond website]. Lilypond is the "GNU Music Typesetter," and I do my best to help people using it. To do so, I've built a small website, [ GNU-Pond], which provides tips and tricks for french-speaking users. I also moderate the french Lily mailing list.

Ubuntu involvement

I do my best to help new Ubuntu users, in live discussions on #ubuntu-fr and on the [ forum].

I wrote some wiki pages on []:


Accepted New packages

In progress (on REVU)

I've also worked on [ libswitch and gswitch], which are now netswicth and gnetswitch (Packaged by AnthonyMercatante)

I've been involved in the Xfce 4.4 transition, by packaging some goodies for the new panel:


I've commented some packages on REVU:

and a few others.BR Helping new packagers with comments on REVU, or on irc is a really important and interesting task Smile :)

Syncs / Merges


I've worked on triaging bugs, reported some and fixed a few.

Some bugs I've reported: [ lilypond], [ denemo], [ xfce4], [ mozilla], [ anjuta], [ OOo 1.1.5], [ gimp]

Some fixed bugs: [ gnome-schedule], [ blobwars], [ ipy], [ libxfcegui4], [ gproftpd], [ python2.4-biopython-martel], [ kxl], [ gkrelldnet]...

I've also worked on the missing deps due to the OCaml transition (thanks sistpoty): 15 packages debugged, but a rebuild was enough for most of them... Wink ;)

Some "in progress" bugs: [ siptoolbox], [ libdts]

I've also worked on GOffice and Gnumeric to get gtk/GNOME multibuild packages. Gnumeric is now available for Xubuntu without the GNOME deps!


Keep helping the best I can! That means:

  • packaging
  • helping new packagers
  • making Xubuntu rock even more
  • translating some u.c wiki pages for the french community
  • installing Ubuntu everywhere I can...

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