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irc: ''Gloubiboulga'' on freenode irc: ''gpocentek'' on freenode

About me

Hi wiki reader!

I am Gauvain Pocentek., Ubuntu user since the Warty release. I became a MOTU during the Dapper development cycle.BR I'm an Xfce addict (have you seen the Xubuntu splash screen for Xfce? Just have a look at it, and you'll fall in love with Xubuntu too :p) and try to make Xubuntu rock.

Contact me

e-mail: gauvainpocentek@ubuntu.comBR Jabber: gauvainpocentek@jabber.ubuntu-fr.orgBR irc: gpocentek on freenode

My LP account: [ gauvainpocentek].

Ubuntu involvement


As an Ubuntu user I try to do my best helping the community, especially in live discussion on some Ubuntu irc channels (#ubuntu-fr, #ubuntu-fr-testing, #xubuntu, #xubuntu-fr).

Easier MOTUing

As an Ubuntu MOTU, I try to keep the Universe in a good shape, but also try to keep close to the community by helping MOTU wannabes. Being a [:MOTU/Mentors:MOTU Mentor] is really important to me, since I was really happy to be helped by other MOTUs when I started packaging. I wish I'll be able to do the same with newcomers (Feel free to email me if you have questions about how the MOTU world works!).

New packages

I've created various new packages for dapper:


I've touch a bunch of universe [ packages], while working on:

  • merges (for Edgy)
  • transitions (OCaml, Xfce 4.4 panel)
  • bug fixes...

I also try to clean [ REVU] a bit, and help new packagers on #ubuntu-motu.

Main Packages worked on

  • I think I've touched almost all the Xfce Panel plugin just before their promotion to Main Smile :)

  • Xfburn
  • Thunar plugins
  • exo (python-exo package)
  • goffice and gnumeric multibuilds
  • xubuntu-meta

Edgy plans

Dapper has been a very big step for Xubuntu development, but it still needs a _lot_ of work. Keyboard and printers configuration tools, better management of launchers on the desktop (DnD from the menu), accessibility, IceWM and/or Fluxbox inclusion, stable Xfce 4.4 release packaging... That's too much for one person (hi Jani!).

So the plan is quite simple: I intend to help as much as I can on all these Xubuntu aspects, while continuing my MOTU job. I'm particularily interested in finding a way to avoid duplication between Ubuntu and Xubuntu (by working on a cdbs multibuild solution maybe). There's enough to do for each of these two DEs, no need to do the work twice!

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