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== About me ==

Hi wiki reader!

I am Gauvain Pocentek., Ubuntu user since the Warty release. I became a MOTU during the Dapper development cycle.[[BR]]
I'm an Xfce addict (have you seen the Xubuntu splash screen for Xfce? Just have a look at it, and you'll fall in love with Xubuntu too :p) and try to make Xubuntu rock.

== Contact me ==
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== Ubuntu involvement ==

=== Community ===
As an Ubuntu user I try to do my best helping the community, especially in live discussion on some Ubuntu irc channels (#ubuntu-fr, #ubuntu-fr-testing, #xubuntu, #xubuntu-fr).

=== Easier MOTUing ===
As an Ubuntu MOTU, I try to keep the Universe in a good shape, but also try to keep close to the community by helping MOTU wannabes.

=== New packages ===
I've created various new packages for dapper:

 * [ Texmaker]
 * [ JargonInformatique]
 * [ libtranslate]
 * [ vbaexpress]
 * and Xfce related packages:
   * xfce4-dev-tools
   * thunar plugins
   * screenshooter plugin
   * pyxfce (NEW in edgy)

=== MOTU Work ===
I've touch a bunch of universe [ packages], while working on:
 * merges (for Edgy)
 * transitions (OCaml, Xfce 4.4 panel)
 * bug fixes...

I also try to clean [ REVU] a bit, and help new packagers on #ubuntu-motu.

=== Main Packages worked on ===

 * I think I've touched almost all the Xfce Panel plugin just before their promotion to Main :)
 * Xfburn
 * Thunar plugins
 * exo (python-exo package)
 * goffice and gnumeric multibuilds
 * xubuntu-meta

== Edgy plans ==

Dapper has been a very big step for Xubuntu development, but it still needs a _lot_ of work. Keyboard and printers configuration tools, better management of launchers on the desktop (DnD from the menu), accessibility, IceWM and/or Fluxbox inclusion, stable Xfce 4.4 release packaging... That's too much for one person (hi Jani!).

So the plan is quite simple: I intend to help as much as I can on all these Xubuntu aspects, while continuing my MOTU job. I'm particularily interested in finding a way to avoid duplication between Ubuntu and Xubuntu (by working on a cdbs multibuild solution maybe). There's enough to do for each of these two DEs, no need to do the work twice!

e-mail: gauvainpocentek@ubuntu.comBR Jabber: gauvainpocentek@jabber.ubuntu-fr.orgBR irc: gpocentek on freenode

My LP account: [ gauvainpocentek].

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