As of Ubuntu 5.10, the initial keyboard layout used before login is part of the configuration file, and cannot be adjusted by the user until after login. This is problematic because: The user may not be able to login if the layout is incorrect The X keyboard layout is currently "guessed" from the console layout chosen in the installer, and this process is known to be imperfect. Different users may require different keyboard layouts This requires that the keyboard layout be asked for ahead of time on the live CD, which is inconvenient for the user.

Windows XP does not allow you to select keyboard layout from the login screen, although Mac OS X does.

We should enhance the language selector so that it allows for both locale and keyboard layout changes with a simple dropdown list (a la Windows XP), and make this available from the GDM login screen.

This spec has thus been superceded by a combination of gdm-roadmap, pimp-my-language-selector, and ue-gnome-ui.


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