Gene Liverman

Email: <gliverm1 AT SPAMFREE my DOT westga DOT edu>

I am a college student at the University of West Georgia ( ) that uses Mac's and PC's daily. The projects that are talked about here are for me... they are not designed for, nor sanctioned by, the UWG. Though some of these ideas my get proposed to someone at the university in the future, they are purely for my learning experiance at this point. Now, on to the good stuff Smile :)

I am about to start working on an Ubuntu LTSP install to be run inside a network that is based on Windows and Active Directory. My goal is to generate an environment in which very sensitive data is much safer from hijacking than in a standard Windows environment. This would replace a Windows computer that gives the user local admin rights while logged into a domain with a thin-client running Ubuntu and Wine.

This will be a balance between securing the data and providing the end user with an alternative to Windows that they will be happy with. Simplicity is the key. If an elementry school kid would get confused with any aspect of the end-user's environment then it is no good.

Anyone wanting to help is more than welcome to!



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