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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

About Me

How you came to your screenname.

I'm 14 years old :P My birthday is on 21.April Smile :)

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Ubuntu Participation

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Beginners Team

I haven't joined Ubuntu Beginners Team yet.

Ubuntu Forums

My profile is here: I have joined on DATE. I post into the FORUMNAME, REASON Smile :)

Unanswered Posts Team

I am not a member of this team at present.

Internet Relay Chat

My IRC nickname is NICKNAME. I'm very active in the CHANNELNAME channel.

Linux User Group (LUG)

I do not attend any LUGs currently, though it is something I would like to get involved with.



comming soon :P

Goals For The Future

My ToDo-List:

  1. Become a UBT member
  2. ...



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