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<heathen> morning
<heathen_> wow, it's been a long time since i've used a Graphical front end for irc...
<nomasteryoda> lol
<heathen> chatzilla blows
<heathen> id rather use cygterm + irssi
<heathen> there's something to be said for a good pair of shoes...
<fignew> Matir: did you go?
<heathen> ello
<silver2-> hey
<heathen> hows it?
<silver2-> good ty
<silver2-> you?
<heathen> tired
<heathen> kidlets woke me this morning
<silver2-> you're back home?
<heathen> yeah
<silver2-> going back next week?
<heathen> no, going to GTech
<heathen> woot
<silver2-> what's happening there
<heathen> doing work in ibb
* silver2- things they lost to Virginia
<silver2-> enjoy the morning traffic :>
<heathen> i have to be there pretty early
<silver2-> i'm at work at 5:30
<silver2-> miss all the good stuff
<silver2-> get off at 5:30 which makes up for it
<heathen> 10 hours?
<heathen> 12
<silver2-> 12
<silver2-> ya
<heathen> dur
<silver2-> loads of fun
<heathen> i can count... really
<silver2-> 'course i sleep 3 of them
<silver2-> lol
<heathen> hah, guy i know fixed 2 hella fog lamps to his motorcycle...
<silver2-> neat
<silver2-> bet it looks like a ufo at night
<heathen> a little
<heathen> im just trying to figure out what he needs with 2 100w lights...
<silver2-> a bigger battery, probably
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> diehard
* heathen wonders if it's too early to call co-worker to get hours
<silver2-> wait til 9
<heathen> boo
<heathen> i suppose in the mean time i can download openoffice
<heathen> despite having excel on this puter
<silver2-> windows box?
<heathen> aye
<heathen> cant install ubuntu
<silver2-> poor feller
<heathen> stupid broadcom and nvidia
<silver2-> oh
<silver2-> uh oh, i have nvidia
<heathen> i can get around the nvidia problem
<heathen> but the BCM wireless is a problem, i cant get ndiswrapper to work
<silver2-> bummer
<heathen> and the ipw card from my old lappy wont fit in this puter
<silver2-> hmmm
<heathen> no money
<heathen> dont suggest a new card ;)
<silver2-> ya got a modem lying around
<heathen> modem?
<silver2-> ya, a regular dial up modem
<heathen> i might
<silver2-> or can you even use it with your isp
<heathen> dsl
<heathen> bellsouth
<silver2-> nevermind, stupid idea
<heathen> i have this crazy theory that my computer may not be dead
<silver2-> what's it doing
<heathen> nothing
<heathen> nothing at all
<heathen> but i think it may be the powersupply
<silver2-> donno how to test them
<silver2-> i need an ap that works like windows explorer
<silver2-> miss that in linux
<heathen> nautilus worked well for me
<heathen> although i've been using midnight commander for a week or to and getting to like it
<silver2-> i need to experiment more
<heathen> as for the powersupply, if i had a multimeter i could check it... since it states the power rating right on it
<heathen> but, since my meter grew legs, i opted for the ebay method
<silver2-> how many watt ps?
<heathen> 15w?
<heathen> i dunno, let me grab it
<heathen> 15v 5w
<heathen> dur
<silver2-> it's gotta be more than 5w
<heathen> why?
<heathen> sorry, 5A
<heathen> idont remember the formula to convert that
<silver2-> mine is like 450 watts
<silver2-> volts times amps = watts
<heathen> kinda sad since i'm an electrition....
<silver2-> lol
<silver2-> the electrician end of our business had to lay some folks off
<heathen> im low-voltage though
<heathen> i dont do any of the real stuff
<silver2-> i c
<silver2-> i've got a spare 350w ps
<silver2-> bought it thinking it was a 450
<heathen> might be hard to throw in a lappy
<silver2-> ooooh
<heathen> yeah, bought a new power supply off ebay for $7
<heathen> if it doesnt work then im not out much
<silver2-> how much was shipping
<heathen> flat rate $7
<heathen> $14 i can deal with
<silver2-> i bought something for $70 and shipping was $80 :(
<heathen> lol
<heathen> yeah, i watch that
<heathen> i bought some motorcycle parts a few years back and didnt pay attention to that
<heathen> i paid $4 for the part and 35 to ship it
<silver2-> lol
<heathen> it weighed less than a pound
<silver2-> happens a lot on ebay
<silver2-> den of thieves
<heathen> fleabay
<heathen> sometimes if you look hard enough, you can find a good deal or 2
<silver2-> true
<silver2-> craigslist is full of crooks. beware
<heathen> looking thru, they are selling the same computer i have on ebay and they are going for $400-$500
<heathen> craigslist sucks..
<heathen> i dont even bother anymore
<heathen> there were broken ones going for $250-300
<silver2-> wow
<heathen> so atleast i might be able to get some cash out of the borked computer
<silver2-> good thinkin
<heathen> although, with arch on the harddrive it might be more of a problem
<heathen> good thing i keep nothing valuble on the drive
<silver2-> most folks have a windows disk they can put on it
<silver2-> I would think
<heathen> i have the recovery disk around ehre somewhere
<heathen> it wouldnt be too terrible to find
<heathen> although, last time i ran it, it doesnt fix the mbr
<heathen> heh
<silver2-> hmmm
<silver2-> i was really getting sick of windows about this time last year
<heathen> me too, but more like a year and a half
<heathen> at this point i was starting to explore other distros
<silver2-> I'm not learning very fast but can do most of what I want to
<heathen> same
<heathen> one of these days im going to teach myself how to code
<silver2-> some day i may learn to use terminal
<heathen> i love the terminal
<silver2-> how do you learn it
<heathen> i just started using it... i dunno
<silver2-> there are online tutorials. I should work on that
<heathen> http://www.heathenstheory.com/?p=26
<silver2-> :)
<heathen> reading thru uf.org has done a lot... and i found at one point a big list of commands
<heathen> im by no means good at console, but im faster than using the gui now
<silver2-> cool
<heathen> midnight commander is good once you learn the keybindings
<heathen> for a file manager
<heathen> its term based
<silver2-> oh ok
<silver2-> nice blog
<heathen> thanks
<heathen> i think its time to make breakfast
<silver2-> take care
<heathen> eggs bacon & biscuts
<silver2-> pizza for me
<heathen> im a horrible jew...
<heathen> bacon
<heathen> mmmmmmmm
<silver2-> lol
<heathen> i had pizza for dinner
<heathen> i ate it all
<silver2-> i had ice cream, lol
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> ah the nutrition
<heathen> heh
<heathen> breakfast of champions, cherry poptarts & 20oz Dr.Pepper
<silver2-> rofl
<heathen> i'll be back around in a while...
<silver2-> k tc
<heathen> i have returned
<silver2-> wb
<silver2-> getting nautilus
<heathen> and half of gnome
<silver2-> had pizza and a coke
<silver2-> mmmm
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> ready for anything now
<heathen> i take it you are a kde guy?
<silver2-> i'm not really sure
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> what's the diff?
<heathen> the shiney bits
<silver2-> k
<heathen> one uses GTK the other uses QT libraies
<silver2-> that tells me a lot
<heathen> lol
<heathen> exactly
<heathen> they are 2 ways to do the same thing really
<heathen> the joy of linux
<silver2-> better than the 1 way of winders
<heathen> some like kde, some like gnome,
<silver2-> one day i'll get to the point i'll know which i like
<heathen> if i had to choose between the 2 i'd pick gnome, it's a fairly simple interface..
<silver2-> k
<heathen> i dont use either.. Openbox is my WM of choice
<heathen> since most of what i use are console apps it works well
<silver2-> not familiar with open box
<silver2-> ah ok
<silver2-> ill google it
<heathen> openbox.org i beleive
<silver2-> k
<heathen> there's a good (long) thread about it in ubuntuforums > comunity cafe
<heathen> i believe its called
<heathen> "Random Openbox chatter"
<silver2-> ah ok
<silver2-> did you ever use DOS?
<heathen> i was a bit young when dos was a "viable" os
<heathen> Win3.1 was really when i was able to get into computers
<silver2-> it was all command line of course. then they came out with DOSShell which helped some
<silver2-> then I found a dosshell called Dosvue which I thought was great.
<silver2-> kinda skipped over 3.1 for the most part and went to 85
<silver2-> 95 rather
<heathen> my first computer was a packard bell 486/66Dx with Win3.11
<silver2-> my first was around 10mhz
<silver2-> talk about slow
<heathen> then 95, 98, 98se, NT, 2K pro, XP....
<silver2-> stayed on se for years and now linux
<silver2-> freedom at last
<silver2-> everything windows should have been
<heathen> then ubuntu 6.06, pclos, fedora 5+6, slackware, gentoo, arch
<silver2-> how'd you like pclos?
<heathen> meh
<heathen> not a big fan of kde
<silver2-> oh ok
<heathen> otherwise, it wasnt bad
<heathen> most of the codecs are already installed
<silver2-> ya
<heathen> it was ok, but i was looking for something a little...... less i guess
<silver2-> arch is probably a little too advanced for me yet
<heathen> you'ld be supprised
<silver2-> when's the next release
<heathen> of arch?
<silver2-> ya
<heathen> it doesnt really work that way
<silver2-> oh ok
<heathen> it's got a rolling release system
<heathen> so you get updates almost daily
<silver2-> wow
<heathen> it updates itself to the new versions as you go along
<heathen> yeah
<heathen> i think it's on version 0.8.1
<heathen> im not sure though
<heathen> and my comp is down
<heathen> the drawback to that is, sometimes those updates break things
<silver2-> oh :(
<heathen> so you need to be a bit familiar/comfortable with editing files via term
<silver2-> not there yet
<silver2-> i can follow directions but that's about it
<heathen> but in the entire time that if used arch (almost 1 year) it's not done that to me
<heathen> heh, understand
<heathen> you'll get there
<silver2-> I learn the most when things break
<silver2-> i broke ubuntu
<silver2-> lol
<heathen> best way to learn, trial by fire
<silver2-> stumbled upon one of its few flaws
<silver2-> got 64 bit only to discover it doesn't support as much stuff as 32 bit does
<heathen> lol
<heathen> yeah
<silver2-> the world isn't ready for 64 bit yet
<heathen> if i ever get to a point of getting linux on this comp, ill have to pass on the 64bit processor
<silver2-> good idea
<heathen> there just arent apps for it yet
<silver2-> right
<silver2-> and it doesn't seem to like amd a lot
<heathen> so i noticed
<silver2-> thank you tom's hardware guide
<silver2-> but it works
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> gets me where i wanna go
<heathen> toms hardware, i havent been there in a long time
<silver2-> i bought their budget system
<silver2-> $400
<silver2-> somebody needs to make a lappy kit
<heathen> that'd be ncie
<heathen> walmart had a couple of $375 acer lappys that should have worked well
<silver2-> didn't see that
<silver2-> saw the Dell's they had
<heathen> they did in asheville anyhow
<silver2-> desktops
<heathen> i want to get a System76 lappy, but i doubt that i'll be able to afford one anytime in the next oh, 30 years..
<silver2-> not familiar with system76
<heathen> they sell ubuntu preinstalled computers
<heathen> laptop and desktop
<silver2-> at walmart?
<silver2-> :)
<heathen> lol
<heathen> system76.com
<silver2-> searching
<silver2-> interesting
<silver2-> there's that word nvidia
<heathen> they even have a support forum on ubuntuforums.com
<heathen> nvidia is ok
<heathen> it's ATi you need to avoid
<silver2-> oh ok. i dodged a bullet then
<heathen> my problem with nvidia is that the driver for it isnt on the liveCD
<heathen> i cant get the driver for it because the Broadcom wireless card i have wont work....
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> which card do you have
<heathen> i dont even know
<heathen> my laptop is all intel
<heathen> i like it, no hardware issues
<silver2-> cool
<heathen> intel (especially the centrino's) is linux friendly
<silver2-> didn't know that
<silver2-> figured they'd be windows oriented
<heathen> they are, but they have good linux suport
<heathen> wb
<silver22> fell off
<silver22> ty
<heathen> what program do you use for irc?
<silver22> suddenly, things quit working
<silver22> xchat
<heathen> lol
<heathen> xchat is good
<silver22> ya
<silver22> miss mirc but xchat is close
<heathen> i hated mirc
<silver22> it worked for me
<heathen> there's also chatzilla you can use thru firefox
<heathen> but it's a bit odd for me
<silver22> oh? I should try it
<silver22> worth a look see
<heathen> everything is worht trying
<silver22> ya, and it's free
<silver22> I read there are probably more linux users than Mac users
<heathen> it's on the popular list for firefox addons
<silver22> k
<heathen> i've heard that, but it's kinda hard to know when most of us buy oem computers then put linux on it..
<heathen> so they still count as a windows/osx sell
<silver22> right, the only thing they have to go on is sales and a lot of ppl get linux free.
<silver22> look at #ubuntu, busy as can be
<heathen> yeah
<heathen> ubuntuforums has over 200k users
<silver22> wow
<heathen> some of those im sure are duplicate
<silver22> it can be hard to get help
<heathen> and some have probably moved to diffrent distros
<heathen> (like me
<silver22> ya
<heathen> but still, that's a lot of people
<silver22> it is
<heathen> granted, its over teh entire planet
<heathen> and 200k of 6billion isnt that great
<heathen> but those are just the people using the forums
<silver22> ya don't think so?
<silver22> j/k
<heathen> it's better than none
<heathen> it also doesnt include the BSD and Solaris people
<silver22> i figure ms is trying to find a way to snuff linux
<heathen> i'm sure
<silver22> like they did everything else that got in their path
<heathen> they arent exactly keen on compitiion
<heathen> gah
<heathen> i cant type on this keyboard
<silver22> can't see why the justice system lets them continue on as a monopoly
<silver22> europe is prosecuting them
<heathen> they ahve the money to bribe their way out
<silver22> and they pay taxes
<heathen> and since "the world runs on windows"
<heathen> lol
<silver22> is OS2 dead
<heathen> dunno
<silver22> don't hear much about it
<heathen> linuxcounter.com has 136,430 people registered
<silver22> i should look at that
<silver22> when package manager finished doing what its doing
<heathen> what are you doing?
<silver22> this could be next week
<heathen> lol
<heathen> ahh, the joys of dialup
<silver22> getting nautilus
<silver22> i think
<heathen> ahh
<heathen> do you use synaptic to grab packages?
<silver22> 15 mins it says
<silver22> yes
<silver22> i need to figure out how to install a driver for my camera
<heathen> there's a good place to start on the commandline
<silver22> finally
<heathen> sudo aptitude install <package name>
<silver22> ah ok
<silver22> ok
<silver22> sounds easy enough
<silver22> it's not in the repository tho
<heathen> what isnt?
<silver22> as far as i know
<silver22> the driver
<silver22> but i have it here somewhere
<heathen> ahh
<heathen> i dont know much about camera drivers, my laptop has most of the card readers built into it..
<heathen> they seem to work well when i need them
<silver22> tis one is usb. linux sees it but no driver
<heathen> it doesnt just come up as usb mass storage?
<silver22> no
<silver22> wish it did
<heathen> that's odd, what kind of camera?
<silver22> i thnk digikam found it
<heathen> linuxcounter.com has 136,430 people registered my member number is 432816 though... lol
<heathen> i've heard digikam is a good ap
<silver22> intel pocket camera
<heathen> i've not used it before
<silver22> CS730
<heathen> i have a Canon 300D (digital SLR) and it uses Compact Flash that i hook up via pcmcia card reader...
<silver22> CS630 rather
<silver22> can't see
<heathen> it works fine for me
<silver22> i'll keep working on it
<silver22> sounds nice
<heathen> yeah, it works well for me
<heathen> but i also got the cam for free
<heathen> so that helps
<silver22> are those expensive?
<heathen> the 300D is discontinued and still fetches 300-350 on ebay
<silver22> nice
<silver22> get me one
<heathen> lol, i wish
<silver22> i have a film slr
<heathen> my dad gave it to me as a christmas/birthday x5 years gift
<silver22> wow
<heathen> he got the newest one
<heathen> like 10mega pixle
<silver22> if i can't get the intel to work, i'll prolly get a cheap hp camera at christmas
<silver22> nice
<heathen> and lord knows he;s god damn near every attachment known to man on it
<heathen> got*
<heathen> not god
<heathen> i hate this keyboard
<silver22> lol
<silver22> interchangeable lenses are nice
<heathen> the mousepad is in the way of it
<heathen> they are
<heathen> especially when you make money selling pics of motorcycles in the mountains
<silver22> had a lot of fun at the beach with the 300mm
<silver22> ah
<heathen> yeah
<heathen> i have a canon AE-1 that i have a 75-300mm lense for
<heathen> it's great
<heathen> (im a bit of a cannon fan boy)
<silver22> had a Rebel but someone walked off with it
<heathen> yeah, i hear they have a tendancy to grow legs
<silver22> a favorite among drug users
<heathen> i keep mine locked down
<silver22> you are wise
<heathen> no, im paranoid
<heathen> lol
<silver22> that too
<heathen> 16 char passwords
<heathen> never teh same password for anything
<heathen> lol
<silver22> the camera is pw protected?
<heathen> then again, im the same guy that leaves my car unlocked all the time
<heathen> no
<heathen> i just meant in general
<silver22> i c
<heathen> with the "key" in it... lol
<silver22> rofl
<heathen> my key broke off in the ignition
<silver22> oh
<heathen> it doesnt look like it's there, but you can turn it on
<silver22> glue the broken part back on and pull it out
<heathen> so i just leave the truck unlocked and the key is already "in" it
<heathen> i dont care that much
<silver22> i need a truck. where is it?
<heathen> i paid 800, ill get 2k if someone steals it
<heathen> lol
<heathen> i only drive it for work
<silver22> oh
<heathen> otherwise ihave a motorcycle to scoot around on
<silver22> my buddy hit a deer while on his mc
<silver22> doing 60
<heathen> yeah, i've done that, it sucks
<silver22> heard the deer didn't like it too much either
<heathen> better the deer than the excursion... that really sucked
<silver22> lol
<heathen> atleast i rode home after the deer
<heathen> bleh
<silver22> lots of kinetic energy
<heathen> yeah
<silver22> whap
<heathen> big wall of metal and glass when they turn out in front of you
<silver22> im sruprised there aren't more accidents the way ppl drive these days
<heathen> lol, you learn to be quick on the gas when you ride full time
<heathen> always alert
<silver22> for sure
<silver22> lots of bikers going really fast on the x way
<silver22> death wish
<heathen> i hate the highways
<heathen> i avoid them whenever possible
<heathen> brb, gotta change a diaper
<silver22> k
<heathen> fatherhood is fun right?
<heathen> bleh
<silver22> never had to do that
<heathen> lucky you
<silver22> hehe
<silver22> can't find linuxcount
<heathen> linuxcounter.com
<heathen> ?
<silver22> oh, counter, ok
<heathen> ;)
<silver22> that worked
<heathen> it's a pretty basic site
<heathen> but it's nice to have
<silver22> they guess there are 29 million linux users
<heathen> yeah
<silver22> do i want to include my email in the listing?
<heathen> they've never sent me anything
<silver22> k
<heathen> just my conformation email
<heathen> with pw and all that
<silver22> it is done
<heathen> sweet
<silver22> You are registered as user #\454693
<heathen> me? or you?
<heathen> ah you
<heathen> im 43xxxx
<silver22> right
<silver22> If you want to help advertise Linux - point your friends to
<silver22> http://counter.li.org/
<silver22> <has no friends>
<silver22> oh well
<heathen> me either
<silver22> lol
<silver22> but i got a number!
<heathen> well, the couple i'd call friends are only into motorcycles
<heathen> just think, you are now a statistic
<silver22> heavy
<heathen> heh
<silver22> I'd better go clean house some. g/f is coming over later
<heathen> ooooo
<heathen> i ought to do that
<silver22> she gonna practice kung fu on me
<heathen> but i dont care
<heathen> sounds fun
<heathen> kinda kinky
<heathen> heh
<silver22> it is painful
<silver22> she can chop a 2x6 in half
<silver22> edgewise
<silver22> j/k
<silver22> later
<ssd7> hi all
<heathen> hello
<ssd7> How's it going?
<heathen> ok, reading stories of getting windows refunds
<heathen> all of the successful attmpts have been outside the us it seems
<ssd7> i see
<ssd7> i'm avoiding studying by attempting to install Office 2007 in Windows in Qemu
<heathen> if ever i can afford a new laptop it might be fun to try
<heathen> lol
<ssd7> attempting is the key work
<ssd7> word
<heathen> yeah
<heathen> but it'd be a good way to burn a few hours...
<ssd7> I really wish they would get evolution-exchange working with Exchange 2007
<ssd7> As much as I dislike Windows. Outlook + Exchange is a nearly unbeatable email solution
<heathen> as i dont use it, i suppose you are correct
<Matir> hello
<heathen> lo
<Matir> how're you?
<heathen> aliive
<heathen> trying to relax... its not easy
<Matir> ah, why not?
<heathen> kids
<Matir> ah, gotcha
<Matir> wow, no upgrades on gutsy
<heathen> lol
*** kevinf311-lap is now known as kevinfcrazy
<heathen> go awa kevinfcrazy
<heathen> away too
<kevinfcrazy> :p
*** kevinfcrazy is now known as kevinf311-lap
<heathen> hi jon
<JonReagan> hey
<silver2-> hihi
<heathen> what's the agenda today?
<JonReagan> oh... hold on, I'll check
<silver2-> was in the email, sorta
<heathen> i dont read the emails
<heathen> i just mark them as read
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> :)
<JonReagan> lol... I should know this stuff... I put them in the email.
<heathen> lol
<silver2-> no biggie
<heathen> no worries, you still have 5 minutes ;)
<silver2-> anybody want a free sofa
<JonReagan> lol
<heathen> depends
<heathen> how far away you are and what kind of sofa it is
<silver2-> kind of a brown tweed, it's about 20 years old. not too bad but upholstery wear.
<heathen> hmmm
<silver2-> I'm about 25 mins or so from marietta
<silver2-> love seat too
<heathen> which direction?
<silver2-> coffee table too if ya want it
<JonReagan> brb
<silver2-> SW
<heathen> ok...
<silver2-> I 285 and exit 5
<heathen> maybe, id have to talk to the wife...
<silver2-> np
<heathen> im near buford..
<heathen> id be a bit of a hike
<silver2-> oh
<silver2-> it would
<heathen> dont hold it though, if you find someone that wants it
<silver2-> k
* JonReagan is back
<silver2-> wb
<heathen> as bad as it sounds, im looking for some furniture for the garage
<silver2-> might be ideal
<silver2-> i could chip in on gas
<heathen> i have a tv/dvd player, computer, and futon out there
<heathen> it's my "man room"
<heathen> heh
<JonReagan> lol
<silver2-> lol
<heathen> since teh wife and i drive crappy cars, we dont worry about leaving them in the driveway
<JonReagan> lol
<JonReagan> that's awesome
<heathen> my motorcycle and tools are in the garage (i.e. all my worldly possesions)
<JonReagan> hehe
<silver2-> the important stuff
<heathen> lol
<JonReagan> always good
<JonReagan> has anyone seen jchase?
<heathen> anytime i tell someone i bought a house i say "what i meen is, i bought a really expensive garage.. that happens to have a house attached
<heathen> since im not allowed to use the house
<silver2-> ah
<JonReagan> hehe
<heathen> jchase? he's probably dead from sleeping with a girl and pissing of a jealous bf/husband
<JonReagan> !?
<heathen> lol
<heathen> or just really hung over
<JonReagan> lol
<silver2-> chop stick came over, brought some food
<JonReagan> ah
<silver2-> told me what to throw away (everything)
<JonReagan> sounds tasty... I had chinese today... er, american chinese (panda express)
<JonReagan> orange chicken is good
<silver2-> have't been there but there's one near by
<Matir> panda express rocks
<JonReagan> oh yes,
<heathen> dose chase ever show up for meetings anymore?
<silver2-> next f2f there?
<Matir> lol
<heathen> i cant eat chinese
<JonReagan> lol... maybe, but their tables are small
<JonReagan> very small... 4 at most
<silver2-> maybe something bigger
<silver2-> I'm full of ideas
<JonReagan> well, I couldn't figure out a place to go, so.... bring it on!
<boredandblogging> silver2-: i reminded jchase to show up here today, but....
<silver2-> "Grant park....stone mountain
<heathen> little 5 pizza!
<silver2-> Varsity
<JonReagan> yeah!
* silver2- is scared of little 5
<heathen> lol
<JonReagan> lol
<heathen> little 5 is easy to deal with
<boredandblogging> varsity would be unproductive, people would be running off to the bathroom every 5 minutes
<silver2-> ya, brng an m16
<Matir> lol
<heathen> i offer no suggestions as i probably wont be able to go
<silver2-> lol b&b
<heathen> silver2-: they dont mess with the bikers... lol
<silver2-> the bikers are what scare me
<heathen> lol
<Matir> what about somewhere like old spaghetti factory?
<heathen> i scare people... awesome!
<JonReagan> lol
<silver2-> do they have a big enough table, Matir?
<JonReagan> I know where that is... it was nice
<heathen> Matir: if i wanted mediocer italian, id make it myself
<silver2-> i'm gettng tired of pizza
<heathen> its cheaper
<JonReagan> wasn't it kinda expensive?
<heathen> silver2-: there's something wrong with you
<Matir> they have some fairly large tables and can handle big parties
<heathen> silver2-: didnt you eat pizza for breakfast?
<silver2-> it was cheap, under ten bux I thought
<Matir> heathen, you inviting everyone over? :)
<silver2-> heathen, i did
<silver2-> yesterday, 2x
<heathen> Matir: heh, my house barely holds the 4 of us
<heathen> let alone all of you crazies too
<JonReagan> hehe
<Matir> lol
<heathen> jchase!!
<silver2-> dang, look what the kat drug in
<heathen> were your ears burning?
<jchase> hahah
<jchase> how goes it everybody?
<silver2-> good
<heathen> ok, when you getting a motorcycle?
<JonReagan> hey jchase
<jchase> me?
<heathen> yeah
<heathen> i need someone to ride with..
<jchase> uhm, hopefully by spring / summer of 08
<heathen> woot
<heathen> corrupted yet another
<silver2-> meeting time
<JonReagan> lol
<heathen> aww
<JonReagan> yup
<heathen> ok
<jchase> I"ve got one project already going, my 1971 Datsun 240z
<JonReagan> 3:08
<JonReagan> 240z? nice.
<silver2-> all rise
<heathen> i had a 280zx turbo
<jchase> Ok, so did everyone get an email from Nick about the Release Party?
<heathen> it was fun
<heathen> yes
<JonReagan> very nice
<silver2-> yup
<heathen> erm, i did anyhow
<silver2-> what happens at a release party
<JonReagan> not sure
<heathen> we get drunk and release?
<jchase> basically
* heathen goes and stands in corner
<jchase> just celebration of the release
<heathen> ill stop now
<jchase> have some food and drink
<JonReagan> erm. no email
<jchase> so whats the first order of business?
<JonReagan> InstallFest
<JonReagan> or whatever it's called. "P
<jchase> Yeah :) Installfest
<JonReagan> ah.. good
<JonReagan> anyways, what's new?
<heathen> i want to go...
<dendrobates> I'm not sure when the Gutsy CD's will be ready.
<JonReagan> hey dendrobates
<dendrobates> hey.
<Matir> anyone go to the installfest at tech yesterday?
<JonReagan> nope... busy all day
<jchase> I didn't knwo there was one
<boredandblogging> fignew: ping
<boredandblogging> voidmage: ping
<JonReagan> got the slideshow ready
<heathen> at this rate, ill be lucky to have a linux-able computer
<JonReagan> hey nick
<heathen> in the next year
<boredandblogging> i was stuck at a bed&breakfast for my wedding anniversary, oh the fun
<dendrobates> How many CD's will you need for the install fest?
<JonReagan> happy anniversary!
<JonReagan> I am not sure..x
<jchase> CDs? I'm guessing maybe 20 ?>
<jchase> ?
<heathen> boredandblogging: dont pretend you were complaining
<jchase> we can all burn some,
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: as many as you can get, we can also burn some
<heathen> i broke ubuntuforums.org
<JonReagan> lol... how?
<heathen> cant connect anymore
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: are you still doing the presentation at ALE in October?
<JonReagan> ah
<dendrobates> I thought I would ask for a couple hundred.
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: that sounds good
<dendrobates> Yep, I need to email them a topic.
<JonReagan> that would be awesome!
<dendrobates> and a bio.
<dendrobates> Will do it for sure though.
<jchase> That will be sweet
<boredandblogging> i'll be sure to attend the ALE meeting
<Matir> ale central?
<boredandblogging> Matir: yeah
<heathen> hope im in town...
<jchase> when is the ALE meeting?
<dendrobates> Oct. 11 ib believe.
<boredandblogging> 2nd thursday every month
<boredandblogging> 7:30pm
<jchase> ok, I"m down
<boredandblogging> jchase: you want to give us update on the installfest?
<heathen> if im around, i want to go
<jchase> OK, Installfest we ae pretty much all set
<jchase> Aaron from the ALE has organized us a room at EMory, in the Law Center
<jchase> Nov. 10th Sat from 8am - 6pm
<JonReagan> :)
<jchase> believe thats the time frame
<heathen> that's damn close
<jchase> We will have plenty of bandwidth, desks, power, LAN jacks all the goodies
<heathen> sweet
<jchase> Yeah, it's come together prety well
<boredandblogging> it would be nice if someone could do a live presentation of installing ubuntu
<jchase> Now, we need to work on ways to push it
<boredandblogging> maybe doing a dual boot install
<boredandblogging> and what jchase said
<jchase> You think compiledkernel would want to do some presentation stuff?
<jchase> I know he has been doing a lot of projects
<jchase> at his house
<JonReagan> I like the dual-boot option
<jchase> or anyone that would want to give a presentation
<boredandblogging> jchase: yeah, we should bug compiledkernel about it
<jchase> we will have a projector to use
<jchase> so we can present in real time, or a "computer slide show"
<boredandblogging> JonReagan: weren't you putting together a presentation?
<JonReagan> yup
<Matir> hrrm
<JonReagan> It's ready to go outside of the 7.10 screenshots
<JonReagan> After I have those w/ the new artwork, it will be ready
<jchase> oh, rock on
<boredandblogging> JonReagan: can you put it on the wiki just so we can see?
<boredandblogging> they should be doing the gutsy screenshots soon
<JonReagan> awesome
<jchase> I think a good presentaiton too would be how to get new users setup for mp3 support, DVD, flash and all the goodies
<jchase> the proper way
<boredandblogging> jchase: good idea
<jchase> we can have a couple different presetnations going on all day
<jchase> maybe some of us can each take one thing we want to demo, and put together a slide deck, or do it in real time
<jchase> Codecs, applications, repos, stuff lke that,
<JonReagan> that's some good stuff
<jchase> another could be on customizing the desktop
<jchase> another could be how to setup a lamp server, install openssh-server
<jchase> stuff like that?
<jchase> SAMBA server
<heathen> heh, we'd need atleast 2 computers for custmizing
<jchase> how to share files and printers on the lan with windows
<jchase> that fine
<jchase> I can bring a desktop soley for just customizing
<jchase> doing anything on
<heathen> i can probably swing that too
<heathen> although, my ability to come is still up in the air
<jchase> What's keeping you held up man?
<heathen> work
<heathen> as always
<boredandblogging> some of these hopefully should be relatively easy to show off...I think there is a lamp metapackage that can be installed that should make it easy for users
<jchase> On sat?
<heathen> i need a new job, badly
<heathen> i travel
<jchase> good idea boredandblogging
<heathen> that's kinda the point right? making it easy for users
<jchase> heathen: exactly
<boredandblogging> right, my point was that it shouldn't be that complicated on our part to show users
<heathen> nwo, so long as noone shows with a BCM wifi or ati cards, we'll be good
<jchase> I have ATI cardsa
<Matir> lol
<Matir> ati's not that bad
<jchase> actually, with the new drivers, they are pretty good
<silver2-> maybe demonstrate the use of terminal
<heathen> i knew you'ld say taht
<jchase> nvidia is having issues from what I understand
<heathen> nvidia wont load on this lappy
<jchase> hahaha
<heathen> that's why ihavent put ubutnu on it
<heathen> and i hate this keyboard
<jchase> I've got one of each, in their respective desktops
<jchase> so I Feel the pain all around
<heathen> it makes my typing worse than normal
<JonReagan> how are we going to do the installs?
<boredandblogging> silver2-'s idea is good, maybe show some basic commands so people can move around in the shell
<jchase> Ok, I suggest we do the installs with cds, or have a local install server?
<boredandblogging> lets do CDs, we should have plenty
<jchase> Silver2 hs a good point, the terminal demo would be great
<silver2-> it is intimidating
<boredandblogging> hopefully there won't be crazy number of updates that will choke up the bandwidth
<boredandblogging> aaron had a good idea last week, screencasts.ubuntu.com has some demos already
<heathen> one can hope the final release wont be too bad on updates
<JonReagan> I was thinking more about how we are going to get what people want on their system (dual-boot, etc.)
<boredandblogging> we could show those during the installfest
<jchase> It can be intimidating to use terminal, but if we demo the easy things, then it wont be such an ambiguous aconcept to people
<silver2-> right jchase
<boredandblogging> everyone check out screencasts.ubuntu.com
<jchase> I'm so taking video of the day to, and putting together out own kick ass installfest vid for our wiki, with cool music and such
<silver2-> http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/
<jchase> "bar camp" style
<Matir> local install servers are fun though :)
<boredandblogging> we can just download some of the videos from the screencasts site and throw them up on the projector
<silver2-> video would be nice
<boredandblogging> Matir: true, but if we don't have to do it, we won't
<jchase> but it would be cool :)
<boredandblogging> anyone want to volunteer to do a presentation?
<jchase> Let's start a list
<boredandblogging> 1) installing ubuntu
<boredandblogging> (which we could borrow from screencasts)
<heathen> even idiots can use linux, by heathen
<boredandblogging> 2) installing restricted drivers for mp3, codec
<heathen> im kidding btw
<silver2-> lol
<jchase> all the vids on screencast.ubuntu.com are registered under creative commons
<jchase> so we can use a lot of theirs
<boredandblogging> 3) getting around in the terminal
<boredandblogging> jchase: yeah
<silver2-> they have some good ones
<Matir> I'll do a presentation
<boredandblogging> Matir: excellent, on what?
<jchase> Anyone have any experience with installing nad playing games on liux? That might be a good one
<boredandblogging> there is a installing ubuntu with windows dual-boot video on screencasts
<silver2-> does freecell count?
<jchase> I'm hated, because I do my gaming on my xbox, but I will be sure to shed a tear for you all when I"m playing Halo3 after tomorrow night :)
<heathen> wesnoth?
<JonReagan> I was able to get marathon 2 on ubuntu...
<jchase> thats awesome
<boredandblogging> jchase: yeah, thats a good one, maybe we can bug compiledkernel to do something on that
<jchase> I think that would be a great demo
<JonReagan> that's pre-halo-ish
<heathen> jchase: you enjoy, as it cant suck any worse than halo 2.... can it?
<jchase> eeww.. suck?
<silver2-> lol
<jchase> Heathen is now dead to jchase
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: could you get us any schwag besides CDs?
<heathen> lol
<heathen> yeah, till you need bike advice :P
<jchase> google
<silver2-> make an instructional DVD?
<jchase> shwag is awesome.. the more the merrier
<boredandblogging> we'll also have the badges to sell or give a couple away
<heathen> yeah, jchase needs more ubuntu shirts
<jchase> I have the one shirt
<boredandblogging> silver2-: that is something aaron might be able to help out with since I think he does that professionally
<jchase> I wonder if we could have some made cheap and jsut sell them?
<heathen> and shockingly, it isnt brown
<JonReagan> lol
<silver2-> I'm being selfish. I need to learn this stuff
<JonReagan> alright... anything else on the install fest?
<silver2-> aaron was the guy at the last f2f?
<jchase> I think we are good, we can continue to plan as far as presentaitons and topics over the coming weeks
<boredandblogging> silver2-: he was at the end wearing the hat
<Matir> i never did manage to order case badges
<JonReagan> ready for the next topic?
<silver2-> ready
<jchase> do eet, next
<JonReagan> alright -- october meetings
<JonReagan> release party reminder... where was it?
<silver2-> mehans
<jchase> Meehans, on Roswell Road, just north of 285
<jchase> @ 7:30
<heathen> mmmm shepards pie
<jchase> All Ages welcome, Free Wifi, I have reserved anough room for 25-30 people
<heathen> once again, if im here im in
<jimpop> same for me
<silver2-> when do you need confirmation by?
<heathen> i wont know till friday the week before though
<jchase> For the release party?
<silver2-> jchase yes
<jchase> Confirmation is not totally necessary
<silver2-> ty
<jchase> but if everyone knows they are coming, please let me know in advance
* jimpop confirms all the time.... (then never makes it) :-(
<heathen> lol
* heathen is guilty of that
<jchase> So just shoot an email to the mailing list, or email me by like the day before, just so I have a good idea of who to expect
<silver2-> jchase could you put a weekly reminder on the mailing list?
<jchase> but don't feel like you have to confirm in advance necessarily, this is jsut a celebration fo the release
<heathen> ill let you know as soon as i know
<jchase> silver2: no problemo
<boredandblogging> hi jander99
<jander99> Good afternoon.
<silver2-> hi jeff
<boredandblogging> jchase: maybe start up a wiki page on what presentations will happen?
<jchase> Yeah, that would be a great idea
<jchase> I can help get that going
<heathen> did we decide on a place for the next f2f?
<jchase> maybe we can get compiledkernel to do a presentation on automatix? :)
<heathen> h~
<JonReagan> lol
<boredandblogging> oh man
<jchase> totally kidding :)
<heathen> lol
<heathen> i thought i did good bringing it up in aguest and not getting a beat down
<jchase> well, I don
<heathen> lol
<jchase> I don't think he's on, so unless he reads the transcript
<jchase> eh
<jchase> hahaha
<jchase> hill just harsh on me for owning a 360
<heathen> heh
<heathen> as opposed to sony and their rootkits?
<jchase> so how are we doing on boxes?
<jchase> have we picked up any new locations?
<JonReagan> not yet
<JonReagan> 90 CDs have been taken so far
<jchase> wow, nice
<silver2-> wow
<JonReagan> muahahaha
<heathen> have we seen any proof that they have used them?
<jchase> that would be hard to know
<JonReagan> lol... no...
<heathen> nothing on the boards?
<JonReagan> I have just put the site & support slips in last week
<boredandblogging> thats like asking how many people can we verify use Ubuntu or linux?
<heathen> hey i found this cd... blah blah blah
<silver2-> hey look, a frisbee. here fido, catch
<jchase> hahaha
<jimpop> ahh, memories of the AOL days
<jander99> I actually am typing up a proposal for the powers that be to use Smolt with Ubuntu. Then statistics like usage can be seen by all.
<heathen> i just figure out of 90cds someone would have posted on uf.org or here
<heathen> smolt? isnt he a pitcher for the braves?
<JonReagan> Smolt?
<jander99> https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/smolt/
<silver2-> it took me 6 months to get here
<JonReagan> I think that's smoltz
<heathen> JonReagan: i know, sarcasm and irc dont work well
<heathen> sigh
<JonReagan> it will take many users longer, and they may not show up on our site
<jchase> as long as they use it
<jchase> :)
<JonReagan> @ heathen: lol... I know
<jander99> Its more robust than Ubuntu's hwdb collector, which as far as I know doesn't work right now anyway.
<silver2-> right jchase
<JonReagan> the important thing is if the people who pick up Cds talk to someone else about that cd, so there is a guaruntee of at least one person hearing about Ubuntu
<boredandblogging> jander, i believe apport collects hw info if someone submits a bug, not there is nothing automatic
<JonReagan> the orange box blends in with the orange wall at borders
<JonReagan> things haven't really slowed down, but it make it harder to see...
<silver2-> change boxes
<jander99> apport collects certain hardware aspects, but not everything.
<boredandblogging> i wonder if its a privacy issue, like Windows calling home randomly, but it certainly can be dealt with
<JonReagan> it's like city-camoflauge
<JonReagan> apport gives some info, like the computer name, but that's about it
<jander99> I think it could be something that is opt-out and even then it only does it once.
<heathen> jchase: http://static.w3sh.com/wp-content/upload/_imac.jpg
<JonReagan> lol
<jander99> the server would respond with a UUID that is stored on the user's computer somewhere, and when apport collects a bug it can attach the UUID instead of doing hw probing.
<boredandblogging> jander99: sounds like a good idea
<jander99> I just think its important that developers know what their software is running on, so they can better tune it for that.
<jchase> love the beer server
<jchase> totally need that at installfest
<boredandblogging> jander99: no doubt about it
<boredandblogging> JonReagan: can you put everything you have the wiki? from the press kit stuff on down? Paste the text on the wiki as well, along with the ODT files, makes it easier for people
<boredandblogging> what is the beer server?
<jander99> Like the decision to only offer an i386-based kernel. Fedora's userbase seems to be mostly i686, so I would assume Ubuntu's userbase is also mostly i686, so why not offer an i686-based kernel.
<JonReagan> will do... where do you want me to put it?
<heathen> bored link in post to jchase
<heathen> http://static.w3sh.com/wp-content/upload/_imac.jpg
<jchase> http://static.w3sh.com/wp-content/upload/_imac.jp
<heathen> there
<heathen> jynx!
<jchase> hah, I forgot the g
* heathen slaps himself
<JonReagan> do you want me to put it on my wiki page?
<heathen> i've got to quit hanging out with the kids
<boredandblogging> JonReagan: i think there is already a press kit wiki page
<JonReagan> right... I need to upload the new version
<jchase> alright everyone, I gotta roll
<JonReagan> k... cya
<jchase> hI'll catch everyone next week or on the mailing list
<jchase> anyone feel free to ping me
<heathen> later
<silver2-> later jc
<boredandblogging> later
<JonReagan> should we move on to the next/last topic?
<silver2-> ok
<boredandblogging> JonReagan: sure
<JonReagan> alright... October F2F meeting
<silver2-> yay
<heathen> little 5 pizza!
<JonReagan> when, where, and what time?
<JonReagan> lol
<silver2-> smokey bones bbq?
<heathen> gladys nights chicken & waffles?
<silver2-> Zaxby's
<heathen> boo
<jander99> waffle house, go all out.
<JonReagan> lol
<silver2-> rofl
<heathen> $10 for zaxbys fast food is a bit pricey
<heathen> its not that good
<JonReagan> $10?
<jander99> zaxby's is not fast food, it says so when you're waiting in the drive thru for 15 minutes.
<silver2-> old spaghetti factory
<heathen> i didnt say they were fast at it
<jander99> lol
<heathen> silver2-: count me out
<jander99> marietta diner, only cause its close ;-)
* silver2- withdraws it
<heathen> alergic to pasta
<heathen> its a bad life
<JonReagan> ah
<JonReagan> well, look at the bright side, at least you don't have to worry much about heartburn...
<silver2-> asian buffet
<JonReagan> hmmm....
<silver2-> mexican
<heathen> mmmm
<JonReagan> that's some good stuff
<heathen> nachos
<heathen> i hate being alergic to everything...
<heathen> sigh
<silver2-> lots of mex places in norcross
<JonReagan> yeah... just a few :P
<heathen> its atlanta, i think mexican outnumbers everything
<silver2-> but do they speak englihs
<JonReagan> that's good... I can't speak a lick of spanish
<heathen> rocky mountain pizza is always my vote
<jimpop> RMP is excellent
<heathen> the buffalo pizza is good
<silver2-> do they have something besids pizza?
<jander99> now I'm hungry.
<heathen> and its more or less central
<jimpop> sandwiches
<heathen> silver2-: sammaches
<heathen> salad
<silver2-> it's ok with me. close by
<heathen> chicken fingers
<heathen> i love that place
<nomasteryoda> chicken fingers would be great
<silver2-> can we get the back deck?
<heathen> probably
<nomasteryoda> some of of the food i mean
<silver2-> chicken toes too
<JonReagan> lol
<heathen> nomasteryoda: you coming this time?
<heathen> silver2-: rockymountainpizza.com has the menu
<heathen> aaaaand they have a good beer selection...
<silver2-> k, what about a time?
<silver2-> 9am?
<heathen> sure
<silver2-> we may have to sit outside for 2 hours
<heathen> lol
<heathen> we can look at all the hot tech girls though
<heathen> all 3 of them
<silver2-> they got a new one?
<JonReagan> lol
<heathen> yeah
<silver2-> wow, cool
<heathen> my friends sister
<heathen> and if he wasnt my friend.......
<silver2-> did we arrive at a date and time
<heathen> i dont believe so
<silver2-> thought the date was done last week.
<jander99> your friend forfeits all rights when his sister goes to tech, she's open game at that point. basic economics of supply and demand
<silver2-> lol
<heathen> jander99: lol, good to know, ill inform the wife now..
<jander99> haha
<heathen> im leaving you because my friends sister is no longer off limits
<boredandblogging> jander99: you gonna make the release party and installfest?
<heathen> that'd go over well...
<jander99> I'm not sure yet.
<jander99> Depends on where they are and whatnot.
<silver2-> anyone using chatzilla?
<boredandblogging> release party is at meehans
<JonReagan> alright, so what time did y'all decide one?
<heathen> wen?
<boredandblogging> installfest will be at emory
<jander99> installfest is actually my birthday, so thats probably out.
<silver2-> heathen, pick a time
<heathen> jander99: what better way to spend your birthday, with a bunch of linux nerds
<heathen> my only complaint about the f2fs they are too late in the afternoon
<jander99> I spend most everyday with linux nerds. Mostly by my doing
<jander99> I even used the term "chowned" at a party last night when someone stole my drink.
<heathen> oh lord, my 2 yearold says cheeburger when you try to take his pictuer now
<jchase> F2F Cheetah, at high noon. Done. Next topic
<silver2-> me too, i'm not hungry that late
<heathen> cheetah!
<heathen> sweet!
<JonReagan> lol
<heathen> jchase: i figured clairmont lounge would be more your style though
<silver2-> lol
<jchase> nah, more of Mardis Gras
<JonReagan> I g2g... c'yall later
<silver2-> i know a mexican lounge in norcross
<heathen> clairmont is where strippers go to die...
<jchase> The big Chicken!
<silver2-> lol
<heathen> wait, this is a ubuntu channel, wel cant talk about that here
<heathen> the big chicken?
<heathen> isnt that a kfc?
<jander99> the big chicken lol
<jander99> Yep.
<silver2-> never been there
<jander99> its used as a landmark to give directions by up in these parts
<heathen> it still is
<silver2-> how do you get there? go to the big chicken and......?
<jander99> turn in the parking lot?
<silver2-> oh
<jchase> next F2F at Fado' Fado' !
<nomasteryoda> cool... just started Foresight linux up... their logo... "Because your desktop should be freaking cool!"
<heathen> my wife got lost over there, she said she was near the big chicken, i pomptly got her to where she was going
<nomasteryoda> nice one
<jander99> and hope you don't get hit by us crazy cobb drivers?
<heathen> fado's?
<heathen> no under 21 bar right?
<jchase> during the day its fine actually
<heathen> is it
<jchase> its at night you can't get in if ur under 21
<heathen> i dunno, i was there with a band and they told me i couldnt be tehre
<silver2-> ya got a link to that jchase?
<heathen> the band said they had to cancel then cuz i was the soundboard engineer
<heathen> they let me in
<jchase> http://www.fadoirishpub.com/atlanta/menu/food/dinner
<silver2-> lol
<jander99> There's always Taco Mac. Work on the ole passport.
<jchase> DUDE
<heathen> dont they have 100 diffrent types of beer?
<jchase> I'm down for Taco Mac!
<jchase> theres on at perimeter too
<jchase> 396 beers
<heathen> do they serve wings?
<jchase> yes .. wings
<heathen> im game
<jchase> DEATH wings
<jchase> im game
<heathen> sweet
<heathen> i challenge you jchase
<jchase> I don't compete anymore I just drink for fun
<silver2-> what time?
<jchase> but I will still beat you :)
<heathen> not drinking
<heathen> wings
<heathen> i cant drink
<jchase> ooh.. god
<jchase> i cant man
<heathen> wuss
<jchase> I have acid reflux, gotta take it easy
<heathen> wuss!
<heathen> wuss!
<jchase> now, if we were going to Wild Wing Cafe? It would be on likd Mutha-effin Donkey Kong
<silver2-> me too and alcohol messes with my drug use
<heathen> lol, jchase we may have to arrange that
<jchase> bring
<jchase> it
<jchase> JoJo Dragon ? :)
<jchase> the best, I love their Chinese Syndrome too
<jchase> So are we down for Taco Mac ?
<jchase> dude, that should be lik eour new permaspot
<silver2-> can they accomodate a group?
<heathen> jchase: me and a buddy got kicked out of hooters for eating 350 wings on an all you can eat wing buffet
<jchase> oh yeah
<jchase> dang dude, I could never eat that much
<heathen> then again
<heathen> i used to weigh alomst 300lbs
<silver2-> ok with me. still need a time and date
<jchase> noon?
<jchase> and which taco mac?
<heathen> perimeter is probably good
<silver2-> crowd?
<heathen> more or less central
<silver2-> at least things aren't crowded at 2, lol
<jchase> not much of a crowd there
<silver2-> ok
<heathen> ok ok, 2 it is
<jchase> I used to date one of the waitresses there, maybe she'll hook us up
<heathen> or kick us out
<silver2-> lol
<jchase> so 2 ?
<jchase> taco mac, at perimeter?
<silver2-> ok with me
<silver2-> date?
<heathen> sounds good
<heathen> tomorrow
<heathen> screw work
<silver2-> lol
<jchase> im down
<heathen> i wish
<jchase> i work from home, so I can do that
<heathen> i hate you
<silver2-> i'm off tomorrow
<jchase> they have wifi, I'll just bring the lappy
<heathen> need a gofer boy?
<heathen> i need a new job
<silver2-> what industry heathen?
<heathen> any
<silver2-> food?
<heathen> i dont care
<heathen> something that will pay me the equivilent of $15/hour
<silver2-> apply with city of atlanta
<heathen> too far to drive from buford
<silver2-> state of GA
<heathen> heh
<heathen> i need to get a deskjob
<heathen> that's what i want..
<heathen> not sales though
<heathen> im not much of a people person
<silver2-> i gotta git
<heathen> yeah, me too
<silver2-> c yas next time
<heathen> i need to eat and go to kroger
<heathen> and one day, buy a new lappy, windows blows
<jchase> alright all, im outtie for a bit
<heathen> later
<jchase> lates

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