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<boredandblogging> heathen: got ubuntu running
<boredandblogging> ?
<heathen> more or less
<heathen> still ironing out kinks
<heathen> but the ubuntustudio deal has some neat tools
<boredandblogging> oh yeah?
<heathen> yeah
<heathen> but it's nice to be home in opebox again
<heathen> hrm
<heathen> everything seems to be working more or less
<boredandblogging> cool
<heathen> i dont like that network-manager doesnt let me config the wireless from the apptray... i think it has to do with ndiswrapper
<heathen> but it works
<heathen> so i'll "suffer"
<boredandblogging> heh
<heathen> now, if i could remember that pacman doesnt work...
<boredandblogging> heh
<heathen> i do need to find a good ob theme
<heathen> can you ssh into a box from anywhere on the net?
<heathen> boredandblogging: ?
<ClinicalMistake> as long as you have the software installed and the port isnt blocked, I think you can
<heathen> how difficult is it to set up?
<ClinicalMistake> ssh on the box or outside?
<heathen> basically, i want to set it up on my desktop
<heathen> so i can ssh from my laptop if i need to grab something from it
<heathen> when i'm out of town
<ClinicalMistake> not hard to set up on your box
<ClinicalMistake> but it really matters when it comes down to installing the ssh software of choice on others computers
<heathen> both would be my computers
<ClinicalMistake> hmm i wonder if you could just load it on to a flash drive
<ClinicalMistake> should be okay
<heathen> if i knew where my flash drive was...
<ClinicalMistake> where you last had it?
<ClinicalMistake> I hate comments like that
<ClinicalMistake> & yes I was making fun of myself by saying it
<heathen> heh
<heathen> i had it right where i'm sitting
<ClinicalMistake> ; )
<heathen> but that question fails to factor in children....
<`Matir> Anyone here into openwrt/dd-wrt/etc. ?
<boredandblogging> `Matir: nope, but I've thought about it
<`Matir> ah
<boredandblogging> i haven't found a real need for it
<`Matir> I don't really need it either, but it's kinda fun to play with :)
<boredandblogging> j4: how's it going
<j4> going and going
<j4> any help in here?
<ClinicalMistake> no wai
<ClinicalMistake> ahh
<ClinicalMistake> much nicer
<boredandblogging> what happened?
<ClinicalMistake> i was playing around with gnome
<ClinicalMistake> and dug myself into a right deep hole
<boredandblogging> nice
<ClinicalMistake> 's life I suppose
<ClinicalMistake> just odd : )
<ClinicalMistake> how goes?
<boredandblogging> not too bad
<fignew> Matir: I'm rocking the OpenWRT
<heathen> woo!, I got mutt working..
<heathen> boredandblogging: i know what you can do about the hornets nest
<nomasteryoda> what?
<nomasteryoda> hornets nest?
<nomasteryoda> how about gasoline and a match
<nomasteryoda> hehe
<heathen> close
<heathen> i was thinking aim-n-flame and hairspray
<heathen> how's OLF?
<nomasteryoda> i got up about 8:30... the guys from Monsterb out of indiana let me sleep on their couch
<nomasteryoda> still here
<nomasteryoda> trying to get up from this computer to eat
<nomasteryoda> wow... there's maddog hall
<nomasteryoda> man is inspiring
<nomasteryoda> bb in a bit
<heathen> im upgrading to gutsy
<heathen> woo
<nomasteryoda> cool
<heathen> installing upgrades
<heathen> vorian says i may have to fix xorg
<heathen> we'll see
<nomasteryoda> what video?
<heathen> huh?
<nomasteryoda> what card?
<heathen> ok, wish me luck, bout to reboot for gutsy
<heathen> nvidia something or other
<heathen> it almost worked
<heathen> oh well
<boredandblogging> hello
<boredandblogging> hi silver2-
<silver2-> hi nick
*** silver2- is now known as silver2
<boredandblogging> how's life?
<silver2> who put that - in there
<silver2> not bad. how about u
<boredandblogging> ehhh, just rolled out of bed
<silver2> oookay
<silver2> went to a neat art show in Valley AL yesterday
<silver2> passed by the new KI
<silver2> A plant site
<silver2> huge
<boredandblogging> oh yeah, how did it look?
<silver2> barren, lol
<boredandblogging> went to the japan fest yesterday...
<silver2> oh cool. how was it
<silver2> would like to go to that someday
<boredandblogging> all the japanese companies that have plants in Georgia brought whatever they made...like Honda brought a car, toto brought a toilet...
<boredandblogging> it was fun
<boredandblogging> crowded
<silver2> I have toto toilets. says made in vietnam ;)
<silver2> figured they'd be made in Oz
<silver2> j/k
<boredandblogging> hehe
<silver2> I'd be gawking at the women
<boredandblogging> :-)
<silver2> sure was a nice day
<boredandblogging> yeah, its been nice
<silver2> been cleaning house. got tired and decided to take a break
<boredandblogging> getting cold at night though
<silver2> it's right chilly when I get to work
<silver2> was driving home on I-85 last night and topped a hill. there was this huge moon. amazing
<silver2> hi Clinical
<silver2> right on the horizon
<ClinicalMistake> hey silver2 ~
<ClinicalMistake> and everyone else
<boredandblogging> hi ClinicalMistake
<silver2> getting impatient waiting for 7.10
<silver2> I should try kubuntu
<boredandblogging> its not bad at all
<silver2> I have a previous version around somewhere
<boredandblogging> it does seem faster than gnome nowadays
<silver2> ah, good
<Matir> hello
<silver2> hi Matir
<silver2> GT won, I was shocked
<silver2> uga won, au won
<boredandblogging> it was a crazy day in college football
<silver2> did ya eat anything good at the japan fest?
<boredandblogging> silver2: we got there late and the lines were huge
* silver2 doesn't care for crowds
<Matir> i have no idea what i'm gonna do with this router
<silver2> what's the problem
<Matir> not really a problem, just bought it on a whim to play with... didn't really need another router, lol
<silver2> sell it?
<Matir> possibly
<Matir> OpenWRT probably adds some value
<silver2> anybody been watching "The War" series
<boredandblogging> is the ken burns thing?
<silver2> right
<boredandblogging> i'll catch it when it comes out on DVD
<silver2> it is interesting if you like that kind of thing
<boredandblogging> i've watched a couple of ken burn's stuff before, he does a pretty good job
<silver2> once worked for a plant manager who was a B-17 pilot
<silver2> crusty fella. he was a trip
<boredandblogging> i' sure
* tannerld needs to add this to his join channels in irssi
<silver2> yup
<silver2> <blink>test</blink>
<silver2> <u>another test</u>
<silver2> end of test
<tannerld> (yay)
<silver2> lol
* silver2 bows
<ClinicalMistake> man
<ClinicalMistake> hold music can be so obnoxious
<silver2> remember mindsprings hold music?
<silver2> earthlink sure did louse up a good thing
<ClinicalMistake> hmm
<ClinicalMistake> cant say I do :o
<silver2> classical as best i can remember
<fignew> Matir: I too have a spare router
<fignew> I've been meaning to install kismet-drone
<fignew> and make it a wardriving router :P
<boredandblogging> hi tannerld
<boredandblogging> jchase: you around?
<boredandblogging> fyi to all you who are around the metro atlanta area...
<boredandblogging> dendrobates is going to do an Ubuntu presentation at the ALE meeting Oct. 11th
<Matir> kismet-drone?
<dendrobates> Is there a meeting today?
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: there isn't a whole lot on the agenda
<boredandblogging> make sure we are set up for the next f2f
<dendrobates> when it the next f2f?
<boredandblogging> see if jchase needs any help
<boredandblogging> on the 6th or 13th
<Matir> i'm gonna have to rush to make it to the ALE meeting on the 11th
<Matir> dendrobates, what are you presenting on?
<heathen_> cant go
<heathen_> :(
*** heathen_ is now known as heathen
<heathen> in my defense, i will be on the other side of the country
<boredandblogging> excuses
<heathen> ill be about as far as i can be and still be in the continenal us
* heathen is using gustsy
<boredandblogging> how do you like it?
<heathen> it works
<heathen> it broke my wifi
<heathen> :(
<heathen> i wanna be a council member!
<boredandblogging> did we ever pick a date for the next f2f?
<boredandblogging> I gotta check the logs from next week
<boredandblogging> s/next/last
<heathen> we have logs for next week?
<heathen> sweet
<heathen> what stupid thing did i do?
<boredandblogging> locobot_4 logs everything said in here
<heathen> really, even for _next_ week?
<boredandblogging> yeah, he knows the future
<heathen> sweet!
<boredandblogging> anyone want to do a presenation at the install fest?
<heathen> i got mutt working
<heathen> when is install fest?
<boredandblogging> i think we may have someone presenting basicall terminal commands
<heathen> i got mutt working.. woohoo for me
<boredandblogging> november 10th
<boredandblogging> i need to try mutt again
<heathen> i found a good tutorial
<heathen> but it doesnt resync...
<heathen> i'm still working out the kinks in that
<boredandblogging> alright, how oct 13th for the next f2f meeting?
<boredandblogging> silver2: 10/13?
<boredandblogging> heathen: are you going to be in town?
<heathen> nope
<boredandblogging> fignew: 10/13?
<heathen> wont be home till the 19th
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: 10/13?
<boredandblogging> heathen: at least you'll be here for the release party
<boredandblogging> Matir: 10/13?
<heathen> im somewhat upset, my buddy is getting married on the 14th and i was supposed to be the best man
<heathen> which is?
<boredandblogging> release party? 10/20 @ Meehan's off Roswell Rd.
<heathen> thanks
<heathen> did you read about our idea for your hornet nest?
<fignew> not sure yet
<boredandblogging> heathen: no, where?
<heathen> lol, nomasteryoda and i were discussing it earlier
<boredandblogging> fignew: bah!
<heathen> something to teh effect of an Aim-n-flame and hairspray
<dendrobates> 10/13 is bad for me.
<boredandblogging> lol
<heathen> blah blah blah
<heathen> im the only one allowed to make excuses!
<boredandblogging> i think we are going to aim for the 2nd saturday of everyone month
<heathen> to: work subject: out of town body: I need to be home the second saturday of every month.. thanks, james
<heathen> i need to find my thumbdrive..
<heathen> mpd doesnt do me much good with no music
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: not sure doing oct 6th is enough notice for some people and oct 20th is the release party, so oct 13 will probably be the best option for most folks
<heathen> release... should i bring the lappy?
<dendrobates> boredandblogging: your right. What time.
<dendrobates> boredandblogging: I can make the release party, as long as there are no release problems.
<dendrobates> boredandblogging: rigth now we have bugs galore.
<heathen> we do?
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: time for the f2f? same, 2 to 2:30
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: might the release get delayed?
<silver2> anytime is good for me
<dendrobates> boredandblogging: I doubt it. I might be nearly dead by the end though.
<heathen> lol
<heathen> is it that bad?
<silver2> i'm hungry. lets have the f2f now
<boredandblogging> not much on the agenda, I think we just settled the next f2f for 10/13, lets say Athens Pizza again, 2:30pm
<heathen> no little 5 huh?
<heathen> i thought they were getting sick of pizza
<silver2> no rocky mountain
<silver2> i am
<heathen> i thought jchace and silver decided on tacomac?
<silver2> but, it's ok
<boredandblogging> reminder that release party is 10/20 at Meehans's off roswell rd, we'll send out an email about that
<boredandblogging> heathen: tacomac is fine
<silver2> heathen, our vote didn't count
<heathen> cuz i challenged josh to a wing contest
<boredandblogging> which taco mac?
<heathen> isnt there one near that athens pizza?
<boredandblogging> thats right, jchase mentioned taco mac to me
<heathen> not that it really matters, i cant fscking go
<boredandblogging> is there one around the perimeter/
<boredandblogging> i'm sure there is
<silver2> google it
<boredandblogging> there is one off roswell rd
<silver2> anywhere. I have a car and gas
<boredandblogging> lets just say taco mac off roswell rd
<dendrobates> how about the one in dunwoody.
<silver2> where'd dunwoody?
<silver2> d=s
<heathen> someone help me with a crontab edit real quick?
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: by perimeter mall?
<dendrobates> 285 and 400
<heathen> "5 * * * * <command>" would run the command every 5 minutes right?
<dendrobates> heathen: no
<dendrobates> heathen: every hour at *:05
<heathen> ah
<heathen> so, can i run a command ever 5 minues in cron?
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: google maps shows a taco mac off roswell rd and one of ashford dunwoody, is that the one?
<silver2> is taco mac a family joint?
<boredandblogging> silver2: yeah
<silver2> k
<dendrobates> ashford I think.
<boredandblogging> ok, ashford dunwoody is fine
<heathen> family joint.. with 400 diff. tyypes of beer
<silver2> broadcast a map link, ok?
<dendrobates> heathen: 0,5,10,15,20,...
<boredandblogging> silver2: the bar is off to the side and I've seen plenty of kids
<silver2> lol
<boredandblogging> btw, we got our ubuntu stickers the other day, they really do look nice
<silver2> cool
<silver2> how many did we get?
<heathen> thanks dendrobates
<boredandblogging> silver2: don't remember, like a 1000 or something?
<dendrobates> in some cron /5 will do, but not vixie.
<silver2> k. just wondering what the final price was. np
<dendrobates> boredandblogging: I said I would pony up $20
<boredandblogging> i believe they each ended up being like .34 each
<dendrobates> gotta go guys.
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-away
<boredandblogging> dendrobates: pay jchase at the next meeting
<boredandblogging> we should probably talk about some of the loco changes, but we should table it till next week since John just send it out
<silver2> whatever. the log will catch it.
<heathen> so what's the official deal on the "council"
<silver2> heathen is president
<heathen> ha!
<boredandblogging> umm...
<boredandblogging> the point is that not everyone can spend 100% of their time doing ubuntu stuff...
<boredandblogging> so we kinda want to spread the work around...
<heathen> i could, but work wont let me
<heathen> i might actually learn something in the process
<boredandblogging> and at some points some decisions need to be made...
<silver2> think it over for a week?
<boredandblogging> that and talk it out with a few people and just decide by group
<boredandblogging> and over time...
<boredandblogging> people will come and go...
<silver2> are we talking like a president, vp, secretary, treasurer etc
<boredandblogging> everything doesn't need to depend on one person
<boredandblogging> silver2: no
<silver2> k
<silver2> help us out here
<boredandblogging> thats too much of a hassle
<silver2> more informal?
<boredandblogging> right now, 4 people
<boredandblogging> yeah...
<heathen> that rules me out
<boredandblogging> something that needs a vote...
<boredandblogging> we vote...
<boredandblogging> we really do need a 5th person
<boredandblogging> for tiebreakers
<heathen> 4 people, they'll let "qualified" people in
<heathen> oo! ill be the one others can hate!
<silver2> no problem with qualified people
<silver2> lol
<heathen> i can be the offical tie breaker!
<silver2> actually, they're probably already in place, just need to identify them officially
<boredandblogging> hehe
<heathen> silver2: that's why it rules me out
<boredandblogging> honestly, its not a big deal
<boredandblogging> everything should be transparent
<heathen> i know
<silver2> you can work your way up ;)
<boredandblogging> we aren't making any decisions in the back room
<heathen> but it doesnt mean i cant feel bad that im not on it
<boredandblogging> i think we need to set up some requirements, like running ubuntu for a while :-P
<silver2> yeah (traitor)
<heathen> hey, im running it now :P
<heathen> and probably will continue
<silver2> <- still a newbie
* heathen is too
<silver2> prolly will be for next ten years
<heathen> lol, 10 years it will be completely diffrent from when we started...
<boredandblogging> yeah, the only new stuff is that a separate mailing list is being created...
<boredandblogging> for council chatter
<boredandblogging> which anyone can subscribe to
<heathen> can anyone reply to it though?
<heathen> how many are subscribed to the loco maillist?
<boredandblogging> i don't see why not, unless you become irritating
<heathen> lol
<heathen> i only do that in irc
<heathen> it doesnt waste mailserver space
<heathen> i wasnt so bad in person either..
<silver2> is the loco getting a lot of tentacles?
<silver2> retorical question
<boredandblogging> there are about 50 people on the list
<silver2> i want to post a pic but dont know how to make one 64.64
<heathen> gimp!
<silver2> ty
<heathen> yep
<silver2> now to learn gimp
<boredandblogging> and 55 on LP
<heathen> resizing is easy
<heathen> LP?
<silver2> long play
<boredandblogging> launchpad
<boredandblogging> bb
<silver2> I'm gonna get back to work. ttyl
<heathen> work?
<heathen> bah!
<silver2> housework
<silver2> clean clean clean
<heathen> work is overrated
<heathen> i need to laundry before to long
<silver2> undo half what the stupid carpenter did
<ClinicalMistake> carpenters can leave some massive messes
<heathen> java quit working
<heathen> grrrrr
<boredandblogging> really?
<heathen> well
<heathen> the only thing i really use java for is a chatroom for a local message board
<heathen> anytime i try to go to it, it locks up firefox
<heathen> and i really need to turn off the system speaker
<heathen> back in a bit
<ClinicalMistake> seems a lot has gone down since I was last here
<heathen> that cuz you never come around anymore.. ass
<ClinicalMistake> cant help that im too awesome and always busy
<heathen> lol
<heathen> ah, so ClinicalMistake found a girl...
<boredandblogging> lol
<ClinicalMistake> lawls
<ClinicalMistake> I had for a while
<heathen> im good

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