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## The attachments to this page (the images/logos) were created by me, Sudomania4 for the US - Georgia
## LoCo Team. I have been wanting to help with a LoCo team in my area for a while, but did not want to start
## my own, because I was not sure about how much time I could dedicate to such a group (I have been busy
## lately). While considering forming a LoCo Team, I thought up and designed this logo. If you hate it, feel
## free to remove it, I was just trying to help this new team and contribute to the spreading of Ubuntu, but if
## you like the logo, feel free to modify or use it. I got the font used in the logo from the DIYMarketing page ## on this wiki: Good luck starting this LoCo Team!


attachment:usga_logo_small.png This group's purpose is to help promote and support Ubuntu and Open Source Software through out the State of Georgia.


How to Contribute


Launchpad Membership Policy


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