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Team PagesBRLaunchPad:[][[BR]][[BR]]'''Contact InformationBR[:GeorgiaTeam/IRC:IRC Channel]: List:BR[][[BR]]'''Coordinators: JohnVonHollen, BoredandBlogging BRBRHave any questions regarding Ubuntu or about the GA team in general? Join us in #ubuntu-georgia on and we will try our best to answer your questions. BRBRYou can also contact the team coordinators if you have questions or would like to contribute something to the Team. BRBRSubpagesBRNavigation(children, 1)


This group's purpose is to help promote and support Ubuntu and Open Source Software throughout the State of Georgia.

New to Ubuntu?

See [:GeorgiaUSTeam/NewUser: New User Support].


Launchpad page

Join by adding yourself to the Launchpad page at:

Mailing List

Our mailing list is a great way to get in touch. Use it to communicate any problems, questions, or comments related to Georgia and Ubuntu.

For more information and to sign-up for our mailing list visit:


The #ubuntu-georgia channel on the Freenode IRC network can be used as needed for online meetings.

To get onto our IRC channel open your IRC client (if you need one you can get XChat out of Add/Remove Applications). Connect to the FreeNode Network (In XChat pull down the "IRC" menu, click "connect" and select "FreeNode"). Then join the ubuntu-georgia channel (in XChat type "/join #ubuntu-georgia" in the input box) and you are in.


We have our own forum hosted on UbuntuForums at


IRC meetings are held every Sunday 3-4pm ET.

  • Visit our [:/Meetings:Meetings page] for more meetings and meet-ups.


Visit our [:/Projects:Projects page] for a list of on going projects. This is where you can find where to help, and suggest things to be done by the LoCo.

Georgia Linux Organizations

Visit [:/GeorgiaOrganizations:Georgia Organizations page] for a list of Linux User Groups and other organizations in Georgia.

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