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We are the Ubuntu Georgia Local Community Team. We promote Ubuntu, Linux, and Open Source in the US state of Georgia. We also provide support, free CDs, as well as events for people who want to know more about Ubuntu.

In the Atlanta metro area, ALE is an active Linux User Group (LUG). A subset of members, the (GA 400 Linux Group) meetup each Sunday. We feel this weekly opportunity is the easiest way to get assistance with Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source.


GA 400 Linux Group meetups are held every Sunday. Schedule
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts - Refer to website for more informaion.

Georgia Linux Organizations

Visit Georgia Organizations page for a list of Linux User Groups and other organizations in Georgia.

Launchpad page

Join by adding yourself to the Launchpad page at:


We have our own forum hosted by the Ubuntu Forums at

Mailing List

Our mailing list is a great way to get in touch. Use it to communicate any problems, questions, or comments related to Georgia and Ubuntu.

For more information and to sign-up for our mailing list visit:


We have our own IRC channel located on the freenode IRC network. For those of you that are inexperienced with IRC, you can use freenode's web-based IRC client to connect. Just enter a unique nickname and satisfy the CAPCHA:

For experienced IRC users or for those that have a local IRC client installed and used, here is our connection details:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667 (7000 for SSL)
  • Channel: #ubuntu-us-ga

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