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Everything I could test is working OK out-of-the-box, including network, sound. Tested on Kubuntu 6.06 to 8.04. Last two versions are amd64.

******************************************************************* If anyone uses lm-sensors, there is a little problem with /etc/sensors.conf (or /etc/sensors3.conf), which requires manual correction of chip "smsc47m1-*" and chip "smsc47m192-*" configuration:

1. Enabling fan control original: # set fan1_min 3000 # set fan2_min 3000 changed to:

  • set fan1_min 1700 set fan2_min 1300 label fan1 "CPU fan" label fan2 "GPU fan"

2. Uncomment: ignore in7 as it shows strange value

3. Correct CPU temperature: compute temp2 (@-20), (@+20) after this change the temperature shown by lm-sensors is close to the temperature shown by BIOS.


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