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We can tweak the priorities by hand if we find that they come out wrong --MattZimmerman


Gnome-app-install offers a wide range of applications. To make it easier for the user to pick popular one we should take the popularity contest data into account when the user search for something.


The amount of applications is big and information like popcon helps the user to get a better idea what other people use.

Use cases

  1. ALice looks for a mp3 player. There are ~50 hits in gnome-app-install. She is frustrated by the lack of advice which one to pick.


Gnome-app-install needs to be modified.


The popcon data is used to sort the hits when a user searchs for a application. Additional ranking is performed based on where the search term was found (e.g. pkgname ranks higher than the long description).


A implementation is one in


The only slight problem is that the top or top few search hits get installed, increasing their popularity. This becomes a vicious circle and, by chanc, an inferior application might anchor itself at the top of the list. Can't there be a single recommended app of each type with a nice big star by it? This way, at least the best application will be in the top five. JackWasey

We can tweak the priorities by hand if we find that they come out wrong --MattZimmerman


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