Improvements we could squeeze in before Gutsy release


* Add onboard to preferred accessibility applications list. List currently hardcoded in control center package which sucks.

* Fix accessible login button - one liner.

* Re-add checkbutton to allow ATs to work with gksudo.

needs decision

* Universal Access submenu. Does this need to be a submenu. It contains gnome-at-properties and gnome-accessibility-keyboard-properties. The later can be started from the former making the submenu redundant.

* Preferred applications button grayed out unless assistive technologies enabled - This is a nuts place to check for this as ATs that need it check and enable it themselves. Also, onboard currently doesn't need it and gok is somewhat functional without it.

* Launching preferred ATs without logging out and in. Could either put launchers in Universal Access submenu if we keep it or put launchers in gnome-at-properties.

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