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First page created on this wiki... don't know any meta- or formatting commands so I'll just keep it simple for now.

Like many of the community, I have many years experience on Windows machines since 3.1, and DOS (and CP/M) before then.

I first became interested in Linux when Microsoft annonced they would be putting win2k on extended support. I refuse to 'upgrade' my comp to XP (it would run slower than molasses in January), let alone they would expect me to pay for this pleasure! So I started trying different distros (I had some prior experience with RH Fedora 2) and I was seriously impressed with how the Ubuntu LiveCD (Breezy) detected everything on my system.

After much reading, I successfully set up my system to dual boot (I still like playing FlightSim 2004 and other games).

After almost 9 months with Ubuntu (now upgraded to Dapper) I installed Xubuntu to dual boot on my mother's Win98 machine (hers is even older than mine!) so I have a keen interest in both versions of Ubuntu.


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