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 * Gobuntu should also make easy to use the "High Priority Free Software Projects" by providing the relevant packages, see ["HighPriorityFreeSoftwareProjects"].
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'''Removing non-free software from Gobuntu''' === Removing non-free software from Gobuntu ===
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 * See ["Gobuntu/pkg-non-free"]
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'''Website''' === Website ===
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'''Branding''' === Branding ===
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'''Communication''' === Communication ===

Please check the status of this specification in Launchpad before editing it. If it is Approved, contact the Assignee or another knowledgeable person before making changes.

  • Launchpad Entry: gobuntu-hardy

  • Packages affected: ubiquity, gobuntu-desktop, gobuntu-artwork


["Gobuntu"] 8.04 will be released alongside Ubuntu 8.04. We will define the Gobuntu brand by creating an independent website for it and by creating additional artwork for the Gobuntu desktop. We will continue to work towards a free software distribution by removing additional software from Gobuntu. We will clearly define the Gobuntu mission and structure by sending a policy document to the Community Council for approval.

Release Note

Gobuntu 8.04 brings together the best free software with a distinctive look and vibrant community.


There exists a significant community of individuals wishing to run only free software. Ubuntu will continue to try to meet the needs of these individuals by furthering the development of Gobuntu.

Use Cases

  • Joe wants an operating system composed with only free software.
  • Carol has seen the Gobuntu name mentioned in other Ubuntu press material and would like to learn more about it.


  • Launchpad integration will remain part of Gobuntu as it is an external resource that the user can choose to use or not, much like Google is in the browser.
  • Support for Gobuntu will be added to Ubiquity and a live CD version of Gobuntu will be added to the CD build system.
  • Gobuntu should also make easy to use the "High Priority Free Software Projects" by providing the relevant packages, see ["HighPriorityFreeSoftwareProjects"].

Removing non-free software from Gobuntu

  • The choice of web browser has been discussed at length and it was agreed that using Epiphany as the default is the right approach. This change has already been made in the seeds, but marketing this choice at release time could be a worthwhile exercise as it should give a boost to the Epiphany community.
  • The main pocket will be further scanned for software that is non-free and such software will be moved into restricted. ffmpeg and libavcodec were cited as examples.
  • See ["Gobuntu/pkg-non-free"]


  • Canonical Ltd. owns the Gobuntu domain, which currently points to ubuntu.com. A RT request will be filed for a separate Gobuntu site, which will host a Gobuntu themed version of wiki.ubuntu.com, in the same manner as kubuntu.org, that starts at wiki.ubuntu.com/Gobuntu. The existing links on the main Ubuntu website will need to be updated.
  • It was suggested that the Gobuntu community take control of the free software laptop specification on the wiki. This will not be considered a blocker for this specification being considered complete, however.


  • Gobuntu 7.10 included its own usplash and isolinux bootloader themes. 8.04 will expand on this by including more desktop artwork, such as its own wallpaper. As Kurt has already started this work, further progress will be coordinated between him and the Ubuntu Artwork Team. A list of branding points in Ubuntu already exists.
  • The Gobuntu website will need to be similarly themed.


  • Matthew East's Gobuntu policy document will be sent to the Community Council for ratification.
  • Areas where Gobuntu can better work with Gnewsense and better define its relationship with that project will be explored.

Test/Demo Plan

Gobuntu installs will be tested in the QA team's ISO testing tracker alongside Ubuntu and its other derivatives.

BoF agenda and discussion

  • keep launchpad integration
  • clarify that this isn't an attempt to kill gnewsense
  • ffmpeg, libavcodec -> restricted

  • further prodding of the kernel team on removing firmware
  • gobuntu community driven list of free hardware
  • talk to scott and ken about gobuntu artwork and branding (there's a list of ubuntu branding items). Kurt is already working on gobuntu-artwork.
  • ubiquity support
  • RT request for separate gobuntu website, in the same vein as kubuntu

Are there any principled reasons for using Launchpad in Gobuntu development apart from the practical one mentioned above?

  • technical, but we should investigate ways in which we can encourage individuals who are concerned about this to join the gnewsense community yet still work with us where they are able, and better define our relationship with gnewsense

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