This document describes how the changelog entries should be described to be more understandable for everyone else, including ubuntu, upstream and downstream developers.

Including evidence of your changes

A changelog entry is to small to have a correct description of your changes and that makes difficult for other people to work on them, for that it's a good idea to link bug reports, wiki pages or whatever you feel is needed to the better understanding of your change, keep in mind that everyone else want to know why did you make this change, not only what the change is, for that try to use:

  • the URL of the corresponding Ubuntu bug (if any). Using (LP: #XXXXX) where XXXXX is the bug number on LP.
  • the URL of the corresponding upstream bug (if any)
  • the URL of the corresponding Debian bug (if any)
  • a summary of the changes (pointing to URLs explaining the context of the change, if possible/needed)
  • whether the change is Ubuntu-specific, or should be merged upstream or in Debian (with a rationale if it's Ubuntu-specific)

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