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This spec talks about IR-programmer. A program to ease the creation of Remote profiles for your Ubuntu System. Also creating templates for your programs so that they can easily be used with Ubuntu and your Remote.


As powerful that the IRDA website is about creating remote control software. It is an almost ALL text based experience, and because the people programming for it are all hardcore programmers, The program has almost zero functionality for a normal user. Bleh. I want to create a front end to ease all those troubles and make life easy for the user again.

Use cases

  • Jason has a Homebrew receiver he purchased online for Linux but has tried configuring the remote from text mode but found it too confusing. He opens up IR-Programmer and all his problems are solved.
  • John has his remote working but wants to set his program up with Totem. Totem provides zero documentation online for the program and how to use it with his remote. So he opens Ir-Programmer and the program contains most and almost all popular programs settings and helps the user setup all those settings so he can use totem with his remote.
  • Jeremy wants to change the button setup of his remote and doesn't ever play with text files as his is new to computers entirely. He opens IR-Programmer and he can reprogram his remote buttons to do what he wants with his IRDA compliant programs.


  • Create the IR Remote conf file This program will create the config file needed to configure his computers remote with his receiver. He can select the remote from a gathered list... or create his own costume profile for his remote and even submit his new profile to the programmers for addition to the list of supported remotes.

  • Setup of remote with software installed on the computer your configuration file for your user has all the settings for your remote and how it will work with your IRDA compliant software, unfortunately the software is poorly documented and needs to be setup with little to no knowledge, sometimes just guessing. This program will stop all of that by holding a collection of IR remote settings and be able to setup, for example, totem with ease. And not one text file to stand in your way.

  • Profile saving and restoring Profiles can be saved and restored for different items. A applet could even be created to swich between profiles with the remote itself. But I feel that is better suited for my Media Center Idea.


Python will be used for everything that I program. But various programs from the Linux world will be used to record remote signals and work with the data. This is a very useful program to glue everything together.


There are no previous implementations for this that I have found. I am rather surprised as I think it would be useful for those having remotes in Linux.


Code will be entirely Python Programming. Created using the Python Plugin for Eclipse.

Unresolved issues

IR-Programmer has neither been accepted or rejected as a Google Summer of Code Project.

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