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Project ideas

  • Improving Harvest
    • DanielHolbach

    • Harvest should be the number-one to-go place to find out what needs to be done in Ubuntu. A few things make this still a bit hard. One is searches and being able to bookmark them, the generated URLs are a bit problematic right now. This and some general cleanup would be a great project, Django and Javascript knowledge are important.

  • Implement syslog namespace
    • SergeHallyn

    • Containers share the host's syslog, and so can read, write, and clear them. A syslog namespace should prevent the container from accessing or clearing kernel messages. Userspace-generated messages should go to the container's own syslog. Ideally, a new ns_printk() kernel function should be provided to target certain kernel-generated messages (like iptables messages).

  • Improved multiple devpts mounts support
    • SergeHallyn

    • The current devpts mounts support is insufficient. Linus has proposed a very simple solution - make all devpts mounts newinstances. To do this requires some work both in kernel and userspace.

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