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I work on free software, and, in particular Indian-language computing related issues. Currently, I am based at [http://www.sarai.net Sarai, CSDS], 29 Rajpur Road, New Delhi 110054, and am involved in the [http://indlinux.org IndLinux] and the [http://oriya.sarovar.org Rebati] projects. Rebati is an initiative for FOSS computing in Oriya, a language spoken in the Eastern part of India, while IndLinux is an umbrella organization for different language teams across the Indian sub-continent. I am also an active participant in the [http://linux-delhi.org Indian Linux User's Group, Delhi (ILUG-D)]. Besides technical work on font rendering, spellchecker, font converters, locales and sorting orders, OCR, etc., I am also involved in various ILUG-D initiatives including ones for student mentorship, and for providing support to non-profit organisation seeking to migrate to FOSS solutions.