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About Me

I live with my wife in the wondrous urban apocalypse (it's not really that bad) that is Portsmouth. My free time is usually occupied by violin practice, reading, occasional gaming, and lengthy moans regarding the cancellation of Firefly. Philosophically, I'm a vegetarian idealist; man or beast, let no life suffer or perish needlessly.

Professionally, I am a Network Administrator, mostly involved with monitoring and security across Windows and Linux systems. I've an interest in programming and rudimentary web design, but there aren't enough hours in the day! Linux is something I've been toying with for about 10 years, but only sustained and seriously for the past 4; I have had an interest in computing since the late 80s.

Ubuntu Participation

Almost all of my involvement with the Ubuntu community is through the support forums; whilst initially for mere education, I now try to give something back. To say that I do not still have questions would be far from the truth. I have recently started using development releases on a machine, for the purposes of bug identification and feedback; whilst I have some reservations as to the direction of the Ubuntu desktop interface, I believe the magnitude and scope of its user base makes it a prudent distribution for involvement.

Long-Term (computing) Plans

I wish to further develop my woeful programming skills, along with a continued Linux education; this will hopefully allow further assistance for both myself and others. Whilst I have begun migrating many work servers and home users to Linux systems, there are still many applications which could benefit from an alternative solution.

I would like to eventually become involved with more community projects, both locally and Linux-based. Whilst I do not regard a computer OS to be one of the more important aspects of life, even the smallest detail commands attention.

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