Jaunty Bugs

video player

  • audio from mpeg 1 file is incorrect with Totem Video Player (observed on two amd64 machines)
    • components: MPEG-1 video; MPEG 1 Layer 2 audio, 44100 Hz, 224 kbps
  • sound is ok with vlc and kaffeine (kaffeine-xine)
  • about Totem:
    • intrepid version is 2.24.3 with GSreamer 0.10.21
    • jaunty version is 2.26.1 with GSreamer 0.10.22
  • sound mixer:
    • intrepid: HDA nVidia (Alsa mixer)

X dual screen

problem with 'Separate X screen' configuration

  • hardware and drivers used:
    • graphic card: GTS8800
    • nVidia proprietary driver: intrepid: 180.xx; jaunty: 180.44
    • X Server Version: intrepid: yy; jaunty: 11.0
  • what happens:
    • on intrepid, the apps can be started on either screen
    • on jaunty, the second screen is displayed, mouse moves between screens (1) , but apps do open and run all on first screen only

    • (1) more about mouse: the mouse arrow does not switch off while on other screen

  • collecting:
    • there are some diffs between intrepid and jaunty xorg.conf files: changing xorg.conf (up to copying file from intrepid) does not correct the problem on jaunty
    • to do: try other config (twin view)


mediawiki has a problem with at least one mysql table -- to complete


moin has a problem with the python interpreter -- to complete

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