About me

Real name: Guillaume Mazoyer

Date of birth: 23 of July 1988

Nationality: French

  • Member of the Ubuntu-fr community (known on the forums as 'Respawner') ;
  • Member of the Ubuntu-fr planet ( ;

  • Creator and lead developer of GNOME Split ;

  • Manager of the GNOME Split PPA ;
  • Contributor to java-gnome ;

  • Manager of the java-gnome PPA ;
  • Translator (from English to French) via Launchpad.

I live in France, I am 22 years old and I started using FLOSS in 2006. I started using GNU/Linux with Debian and then I switched to Ubuntu just few weeks later. I have used each version of Ubuntu since the 6.06 LTS. I'm currently looking for a job (involving networks & telecoms skills) and I would be really happy if I could work for a company which uses Free Softwares. I also started programming in 2006 using C and Java languages. I really enjoy Java and Ubuntu (GNOME desktop), that's why I try to contribute to the java-gnome project as much as I can. I also created an application called GNOME Split (written in Java with java-gnome) which helps people to split a file in many chunks and then be able to merge them back.

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Press articles

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    • Installation of Ubuntu, dualboot with Windows
    • Keeping your data between Ubuntu and Windows
    • Protect your data on Ubuntu
    • FAQ
  • GNU/Linux Pratique n°52 (France)
    • Use your EeePC to its best with Easy Peasy 1.0
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    • FAQ
  • GNU/Linux Magazine n°117 (France)
    • Manage your projects with Redmine
  • GNU/Linux Magazine Special Edition n°45 (France)
    • Development with Bazaar, SSH and Trac
  • GNU/Linux Magazine N°128 (France)
    • Use Java and develop for the GNOME desktop

Future plans

  • Adopt java-gnome package and upstream ;
  • Become a MOTU ;
  • Work in a company which uses free software.

Contributions: patchs and bugs

  • LP #570462: assertion failed with libnotify. Bug reported and fixed in Lucid package by me. Patch accepted thanks to Ted Gould and Martin Pitt.

  • LP #596252: new upstream release (4.0.19) of java-gnome. Bug reported and patch submitted to Debian debbugs #588943 accepted in Natty thanks to Daniel Holbach.


Guillaume has been an impressive contributor to the Java bindings to GTK for several years. He is polite, well spoken, enthusiastic, and supportive of others both in email and online via IRC. He has grown from being a Java developer using the library to write his user interface code to a hacker contributing Java and C code to the library itself. He was largely responsible for getting it packaged, co-ordinating with the Debian Java team and subsequently maintaining the java-gnome PPA tracking the latest releases. We're pleased to have him as a part of our community.


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