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 * MSN and e-Mail: (gpg key #55185820)  * MSN and main e-mail: (gpg key #55185820)
 * University mail: (use the same gpg key)
 * icq:297755621

Personal info




  • Average-high level: ISO C/C++, STL, Java J2SE

  • Average level: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML

  • Basic-average level: mIRC Scripting, bash, perl

  • Basic level: QuickBASIC, VBasic 6.0, Windows Scripting Host (vbs), PHP


  • Native level: Spanish

  • Average-high level: English (written)

  • Average level: French (written), English (spoken)

  • Basic-average level: French (spoken)

Experience in Linux from RedHat6.0 to Ubuntu happening through Mandrake, Suse, Gentoo, FreeBSD, QNX, and more than nonmemory. I never liked the M$ world.

Participation in the community

Yeah, the ubuntu cd's arrived at least! At the moment, 8 of my friends use Ubuntu regularly, and growing...

I filed the following bugs:

I'm subscribed to the following Mailing lists:

  • @ ubuntu-es-l10n


I'm now a new member of Spanish Translators Team.

To see my translations, have a look to [ this page] at Launchpad.

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