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Emails : BR Blog : BR Launchpad-my : [""] BR Launchpad ID : [""][[BR]] Loco URL : BR

About Me

BR I am a Ubuntu User since 2000BR Love to surf and hang out with friends on IRCBR Been using Fluxbox as Window ManagerBR BR Be a Malaysian Ubuntu Team MembersBR Currently assign to manage Ubuntu Malaysia Website and ForumsBR BR Projects Currently working on: ;BR 1. Managing Ubuntu Malaysia WebsiteBR 2. Manage and moderate Forums for Ubuntu Malaysia teamBR 3. Committee members of Ubuntu Malaysia EventsBR 4. Spread Ubuntu knowledge amongs Malaysian Ubuntu usersBR 5. Answering question on IRC, Forums and mailing list.BR BR

Future Plan

BR 1. Being able to develop and maintain a Malaysia Ubuntu Distro(Using Malay Language and customization).BR 2. Help Ubuntu community to develop better Operating System in order to give end user the best experience.BR 3. To see 50% of Malaysian use linux as main Operating System.BR