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Gunblade's Wiki

Name : Mohd Faizul Bin Zulkipli BR Age : 24 years oldBR Occupation : StudentBR

Nickname : GunbladeIV BR Network : | #ubuntu-my BR Emails : BR Blog : | BR Launchpad-my : [""] BR Launchpad ID : [""][[BR]] Loco URL : BR Loco Forum :

About Me

BR I'm using Ubuntu User since 2000 well to be honest formerly I use Fedora.BR Love to surf and hang out with friends on IRCBR I am a simple guy who always in passion to move the Open Source technology forward in the future BR I'm a student currently trying hard to finish my Diploma on IT programming. Perhaps to become an elite programmer in the near future. Sometime I like to mess up with codes and try to figure out what else I could do in order to make it more alive. Well you need logic in order to create a nice program. Been using Fluxbox as Window ManagerBR Be a Malaysian Ubuntu Team MembersBR Currently assign to manage Ubuntu Malaysia Website and ForumsBR BR Currently working on: ;BR 1. Managing Ubuntu Malaysia WebsiteBR

  • - Currently being assign to update and maintain Malaysia LoCo WebsiteBR

2. Manage and moderate Forums for Ubuntu Malaysia teamBR

  • - Currently being assign to maintain and update Malaysia LoCo forum.BR - Answering question on problem being ask by Ubuntu Users from Malaysia.BR

3. Committee members of Ubuntu Malaysia EventsBR

  • - Organize Ubuntu Malaysia first meetup on UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor.BR

4. Spread Ubuntu knowledge amongs Malaysian Ubuntu usersBR

  • - Spreading knowledge through Official Ubuntu Malaysia forum and through blogs.BR

5. Answering question on IRC, Forums and mailing list.BR BR

Future Plan

BR 1. Being able to develop and maintain a Malaysia Ubuntu Distro(Using Malay Language and customization).BR 2. Help Ubuntu community to develop better Operating System in order to give end user the best experience.BR 3. To see 50% of Malaysian use linux as main Operating System. And hopefully more Ubuntu users in Malaysia.BR