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 * pam-telecenter and mod-dirsize upstream
 * Talked with ogra (Ubuntu Maintainer) and otavio to invite pere (Debian maintainer) and some others to join into pkg-ltsp, enhancing the ltsp related packages management and (hopefully) quality in both projects (Debian and Ubuntu)
 * [ Maintaining, Co-Maintaining and Sponsoring] some packages in Debian
 * [ pkg-ltsp] founder (with otavio, ogra, pere and others). The goal of this project is merge Debian and Ubuntu efforts for a better server/thin-client solution using LTSP, putting people involved in both sides to work together
 * [ pam-telecenter] (sf site outdated) and [ mod-dirsize] main upstream. Helping as contributor in others projects like gcompmgr.
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 * QA work in packages like bzrtools (minor stuff), merging them back to Debian too  * QA work in packages like bzrtools (minor stuff), gnome-sudoku and others merging them back to Debian

Gustavo Franco

IRC: stratus (freenode and oftc)

Launchpad page: []


  • C, Python, Perl and some others programming languages
  • Debian packaging and related issues (autotools, make, ...)

FLOSS Summary

Ubuntu Work

Goals in Ubuntu

  • Improve the quality of new and current packages
  • Help with thin-client (LTSP) related stuff
  • Extend my participation in projects started into Ubuntu, like gdebi
  • Review translations (Portuguese Brazilian)


  • Actually, i think that mvo, ogra and daniels can talk about my contributions and feedback for Ubuntu.

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