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Gustavo Franco

IRC: stratus (freenode, oftc and gimpnet)

Launchpad page:


  • C, Python, Perl
  • Debian packaging

FLOSS Summary

  • Debian contributor since 2001, DD since 2005
  • Working in some Debian projects at alioth

  • Maintaining, Co-Maintaining and Sponsoring some packages in Debian

  • Debian Python Modules Team founder (python-modules) and Python Apps admin.
  • pkg-ltsp founder (with otavio, ogra, pere and others). The goal of this project is merge Debian and Ubuntu efforts for a better server/thin-client solution using LTSP, putting people involved in both sides to work together

Ubuntu Work

  • Started PbuilderHowto in the really old wiki (no history though) and recently CowdancerHowto.

  • gdebi contributor and co-maintainer (with mvo)

  • QA work in packages like bzrtools (minor stuff), gnome-sudoku and others merging them back to Debian
  • Translations (rosetta) and bug management (malone) - see launchpad link above.
  • Packaged disk-manager (sitting on REVU waiting for review)

Goals in Ubuntu

  • Improve the quality of current packages
  • Help with Python modules related issues
  • Send patches from the company I am working on
  • Extend my participation in projects started into Ubuntu, like gdebi
  • Review translations (Portuguese Brazilian)


  • Actually, i think that rpereira, scottk and mvo can talk about my contributions and feedback for Ubuntu.