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GVfs is the upcoming gnome-vfs replacement that will at some point be part of glib under the name "gio". For now it is a seperate package called gio-standalone. It is very likely that nautilus 2.22 will have been ported to gvfs and ship with dependency on gio-standalone. There also is an early gvfs version of a fileselector backend available. It is very likely that a few but for sure not all applications will have been ported to gvfs.


As of November 26, gio has been merged into glib (see http://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2007/11/26/gio-standalone-merged-into-glib/). It is likely Nautilus will depend on glib-gio and not gio-standalone. Gedit is also being ported to GIO as a part of Gnome 2.22.

Release Note


There will be a very quick overview of gvfs and the implication for applications and how gnome-vfs and gvfs will coexist. It also should be the platform for discussion about the pro and contra of shipping gvfs in hardy especially since hardy is going to be the next LTS version of ubuntu and gvfs and the nautilus gvfs port are lots of new lines of code.

Use Cases



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  • package gvfs and gio now and make them available
  • some upstream components are being ported to gvfs, upload them to hardy as soon as upstream consider those ready

Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues


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