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     "record_version": "'''v1'''",      "record_type": "",
     "record_type_version": "'''v1'''",

See DesktopCouch for more information.

Once a record specification is finalized, you mustn't alter it, but you may add a new version proposal below it, bumping vN.

The database name is the same as the gconf prefix, changed slightly. Gconf is "/apps/gwibber", and desktopcouch is "apps-gwibber".

The record_type is ""


The record data should look like

  • { "account_id": str(unique_random_string),
    • "record_type": "", "record_type_version": "v1", "service_account": {

      • "protocol": str(protocol_name), "username": str(account_name_at_service), "password": str(optional_password_at_service), "receive_enabled": bool(optional), "search_enabled": bool(optional), "message_color": str(optional_hash_12_nybble_hex_color),
      }, "contacts": [str(users), str(that), str(we), str(follow), str(at_this_service)]


This "v1" spec is proposed and not finalized yet.

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