Email: <hadeli.karuna AT gmail DOT com>

I was introduced to UBUNTU by my colleagues, Paul and Bart. Since then, I felt in love with UBUNTU. Now, all my computers are powered by UBUNTU.

  1. My computer at home, COCAMIDA, is powered with UBUNTU Hoary Hedgehox.
  2. My Dell Latitude C400, SAXIFRAGA, is powered with UBUNTU Breezy Badger,
  3. and my computer at work, DENSITA, is powered also with UBUNTU Breezy Badger.
  4. My girlfriend's laptop (Dell Latitude C400), CHLOROPHILL, is now installed with UBUNTU Breezy Badger.

Currently, I am still looking for the name for that laptop.

Please visit my homepage: http://www.hadeli.net


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