Hafiz, Muhammad

About Me

1. 15 years old (and growing), Malaysian, living in Malaysia and still studying in High School.

2. I'm using Ubuntu since the released version 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

3. Become the youngest member who participate in Ubuntu Malaysia Local Community [Ubuntu-MY LoCo] and Open Source Initiative.

4. I'm trying to contribute as much as I can in Ubuntu. My goal is to spread the descriptions about me and make them use Ubuntu too : Be an Ubuntu Youth like me Smile :)

Contact Me

IRC : hfz on irc.freenode.net (#ubuntu, #ubuntu-my, #osdc.my, #ubuntu-my, #mscosconf)

Ubuntu WiKi : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hafiz

Ubuntu Malaysia WiKi : http://baung.oscc.org.my/wiki/?title=Pengguna:Haf1z_h1dz1r

Blog : http://hfz-hdz.blogspot.com

LaunchPad : https://launchpad.net/~muhammad-hafiz

Team Participation : https://launchpad.net/~muhammad-hafiz/+participation

Karma / Contributions : https://launchpad.net/~muhammad-hafiz/+karma

Job : High School Student + Magazine Graphic Designer & Temporary Photographer, Volunteer, Contributors for Ubuntu in Launchpad & Ubuntu-My LoCo, Website Moderator

Education : Current - SMK Batu Muda, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Achievements in Life

1. Become a trusted moderator for YouthSays Malaysia powered by YouthAsia, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. (http://malaysia.youthsays.com/users/8169169)

2. Volunteer and do Services Work for Youth Engagement Summit 2009 and Southeast Asia For Change at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Federal Territory of Putrajaya, Malaysia on 16-17 November 2009 (http://www.yes2009.asia) (http://malaysia.youthsays.com/users/8169169)

3. Have joined World of Scout Movement Jamboree on the Internet [JOTI] 2008, global base at Geneva, Switzerland, and own base at Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia.

4. Join again for 2nd time in the World of Scout Movement Jamboree on the Internet [JOTI] 2009, same global and own base. (http://www.jotajoti.org)

Life Journey with Ubuntu

1. Use Ubuntu on March 2009 after PC installed Microsoft Windows XP crashed.

2. Become a forumer to guide any new Ubunturians in LowYat.Net Forum (http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showuser=221316)

3. Become a forumer in Ubuntu Malaysia Forum (http://forums.ubuntu.com.my)

4. March 2009, joined Ubuntu-My LoCo as a member.

5. March 2009, joined LaunchPad.

6. May-June, involved in MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference at Malaysia with Ubuntu-My LoCo.

7. June-Present, become one of the Ubuntu Malay Translators in LaunchPad for Ubuntu 9.10 [Karmic Koala] release in Malay language.

8. Volunteer for Software Freedom Day [SFD] 2009 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on September 2009 (http://softwarefreedomday.org/teams/asia/Malaysia/KualaLumpur)

9. Become a selected service staff for Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference 2009 [MYGOSSCON] at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Federal Territory of Putrajaya, Malaysia.


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