About me

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  • I'm a member of Japanese LoCo Team since 2008/07/23.

  • I'm Ubuntu Member since 2011/07/22.

  • I organize various events for Ubuntu in Japan.
  • I join in some FOSS events and make some presentations of Ubuntu.
  • I write articles about Ubuntu in some magazines and website.
  • Emacs love Wink ;)

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What I've done


Off-line Meetings

Open Source Conference

Kansai Debian Meeting
  • Kansai Debian Meeting is meeting of Debian that has been held every month in around Kyoto,Osaka and more.
  • 44th Kansai Debian Meeting (2011/02/27)
    • Presentation "Let's use pbuilder!"
    • Slides

Himeji IT Study
  • 24th Himeji IT Study (2014/01/18)
    • Presentation "An introduction to SSH for Non-Server Engineer"
    • Slides



  • gimp-painter

    • patch added MixBrush,G-Pen tool and the color management for GIMP.

    • Why: is not the patch put in the Ubuntu (main)package?

      • The upstream project is release-suspended status. The patch is in "private" mode (Still maintenanced, but not published).
      • Of course, GPL allow branching and undertaking the yet another -painter project, but that patch (and GIMP source code) require experienced craftsmanship. So ,that is too much to handle for me.
  • mizuno-as-wallpapers

    • This package contains the wallpapers, photographed by mizuno-as.
    • Samples.
      • Hakodate-Orthodox-Church-3.jpg

      • Autumn-Day.jpg

      • Motomachi-Park.jpg

  • mizuno-as Remix

    • This package is template for ubuntu-defaults-builder.
    • Added the software commonly used. (gimp, emacs, git, bzr, ddskk, zsh, etc...)




  • Ubuntu Introduction Kit 12.04

    • kit_1204.jpg

    • 'Ubuntu Introduction Kit' is the first Ubuntu book in Japan. The first release was in 2006 (for 6.06). Author of that time is Jun Kobayashi(jkbys). and 12.04 (4th) edition wrote by me.
    • 'Ubuntu Introduction Kit' can be purchased at the bookstore (and Amazon) in Japan. Of course, Ubuntu 12.04 Japanese Remix DVD is included with this book.
  • Ubuntu Introduction Kit 14.04


Ubuntu Magazine Japan

Software Design
  • Software Design is computer information magazine of Japan. The topic is UNIX, a programming, a network, and Cloud, etc.
  • Special feature article
  • As the series "Ubuntu Monthly Report"

Linux 100%

Nikkei Linux

NetWalker Guide Book

Weekly ASCII


Ittoke! Ubuntu Dojo

Ubuntu Weekly Recipe


  • He has a great passion for attending and organizing various events to promote Ubuntu. He has attended 8 events throughout Japan in the past year. He has been already a great evangelist of Ubuntu. -- nobuto 2011-06-25 07:59:29

  • Hajime acts as master of ceremony in many events. He planed many parties for Ubunteros, that sustained action are well-liked in Kansai in over 3 years. He provide good direction for many peoples (include Nobuto) as a top-runner and as a good senior. -- hito 2011-06-28 04:51:00

  • He is an active member of Ubuntu Japan LoCo. He is a key contributor for attending FLOSS events and organizing Ubuntu LoCo events. I really support him on becoming an Ubuntu Member. -- jkbys 2011-06-29 14:54:30

  • He has been an extremely active member of the Japanese LoCo for some years now, and has been a significant factor in the growing adoption of Ubuntu in Japan, through his work in providing documentation, maintaining inertia of publicity, and coordinating offline events. This application is long overdue. -- persia 2011-07-03 07:33:15