About my person

I am a 29 years old Softwareengineer in a multinational consulting business located in Bielefeld, Germany. I started working with Linux in 1998 when I got a new job at my university as sysadmin. My first project was to merge the whole network from Novell/Windows NT to SuSE Linux / Samba which we did quite flawlessly. Since then I am totally into Linux and try to promote it in every way. Since then I have worked with nearly any bigger distribution and got stuck with ubuntu because it's philosophy is totally my taste.

My work on Ubuntu

In my spare time I help translating some apps into german because I do not only want to use ubuntu, I want to give something back to the community which is really great. I am a member of the german translator team on launchpad. I am also participating on the ubuntuusers.de forum with technical advice from time to time. Last but not least I am trying to fix Bug #1 which is quite difficult. Wink ;-)

Contact information

email: madmister@gmail.com PGP: 1024D/9603E6AF


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