Preinstalled Tools

Ubuntu comes with several command line tools which might help you detect more hardware than the Hardware Manager.

  • lshw lists all hardware.

  • lshw -short provides a short hardware summary.

  • Use cat /proc/cpuinfo for a crude, but quick way to display your processor information.

  • lspci lists connected PCI cards.

  • lsusb lists connected USB devices.

  • cat /proc/net/dev lists all the network interfaces. Alternatively, try lshw -class network.

  • cat /proc/ioports lists communication ports and adresses

  • cat /proc/iomem shows the memory map and reserved zones.

  • cat /proc/interrupts lists the interruption assignments.

  • cat /proc/dma lists the Direct Memory Accessess

  • lsmod lists the modules loaded by the kernel, and helpt to identify the hardware configured

External Tools