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== AOpen ==

=== AOpen 1557GLS ===
 * NOTE: current information for this laptop is available on [http://www.geocities.com/ubuntumatthew/aopen1557gls.html this web page].

== Averatec ==

Averatec laptops information has been moved [HardwareSupportMachinesLaptopsAveratec].

== Chiligreen ==

=== Chiligreen Agilitas M7-470K ===
 * Athlon 64, ATI Radeon 9600
 * Warty: Xwindows doesn't work
 * Hoary Array 3: everythink is working, except Grub Installer hangs, see bug: #6082

== Compal ==

=== Compal CL-56 (AKA MWave CL-56, XNote Premier Plus, Chembook 2056, etc.) ===
 * This is a popular off-brand laptop, and is branded under many names including MWave, XNote, Chembook, Fragbook, and more. For reference, it's normally dark blue with a silver stripe around the keyboard, and has a 15" SXGA screen.
 * To install, you need to change the fbcon to mode 770, or the installer will crash. See the help in the installer loader, it has an example of how to do this.
 * Most things work out of the box, except (if you have the internal wifi option), the wifi will be disabled using software lockout. You must install the acerhk module, and then activate it. [http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~tauber/acerhk/ Look here for the module]. You will need to install linux-headers to build it. To activate: {{{modprobe acerhk usedritek=1 autowlan=1 force_series=290
echo 1 > /proc/driver/acerhk/wirelessled
}}} You will probably want to place this in a startup script.
 * acerhk is also required if you wish to use the function+volume, mute, and some other laptop special keys.
 * ACPI suspend does not appear to work with Warty and linux 2.6.8. The laptop will suspend, but will not resume.
 * PCMCIA is not tested.
 * This laptop has a Mobile Radeon 9600 graphics chip. Use the fglrx ATI drivers if you need 3d acceleration.

== ECS ==

=== ECS G551 (Combo Drive Model) ===

 * Pressing F12 crashes the system.
 * Sleep & Hibernate (Disk and RAM) works via CLI.
 * Burning of CDs inside Nautilus is supported.
 * ATI fglrx configured without any problems (M9).
 * Realtek RTL 8180 Mini-PCI Wireless is only possible with Ndiswrapper.
 * ICH4 AC97 softmodem not yet configured, but will work most likely.
 * Flash drives are detected without any problems.
 * Digital Cameras work fine as well.
 * Overall, everything works fine if tweaked properly.

== eMachines ==

Note: the M68xx series includes the 05, 07, 09, 10 and 11 models. What works on one should work on another.

=== eMachines 6807 ===
 * All works.
 * For the wireless card to work. Just install the ndiswrapper from the synaptic package manger.

=== eMachines M2350 ===
 * All works except for sound by default.
 * For sound, in a mixer, disable all jack sense and external amplifier switches.

== Gateway ==

=== Gateway Solo 5300 ===

 * Sound Works (confirmed)
 * Built-in Ethernet works (Xircom something-or-another) (confirmed)
 * LCD Display works (confirmed)
 * Fonts look good. (confirmed)
 * 'X' cursor on by default. Using Option "HWCursor" "false" fixes it. (confirmed)
 * Modem Untested
 * Battery Meter doesn't work. (confirmed)
 * Fn+F4 (Gateway's Standby Hotkey) doesn't do anything. (confirmed)
 * Volume hotkeys (Fn+Home [Mute], Fn+PgUp [VolUp], Fn+PgDn [VolDn]) don't work. (confirmed)
 * Haven't tried external monitor switching yet.
 * USB does work. (as opposed to previous unconfirmed status)
=== Gateway 4024GZ ===
 * No sound
 * When lid is closed, system cannot be brought out of suspend (hibernate?) without reboot (X or CLI).
   **The system responds to the power button when not in X and powers down gracefully. When in X, the
   **display only shows a blinking cursor and the power button shuts down forcefully.
 * LCD display works
 * Modem untested
 * USB and hotplug work
 * Built-in ethernet works (Realtek)
 * No wifi (built-in Broadcom 802.11G) (ndiswrapper?)
 * Battery meter works
 * Fn+F4 (Gateway's Standby Hotkey) doesn't work.

=== Gateway 3522GZ ===
Using Dapper:

 * Sound works
 * Wireless works
 * Display works w/native resolution using 915resolution
 * Ethernet works
 * Volume control dial works
 * Card reader doesn't work
 * Haven't been successful in getting suspend-to-disk working.
  * Doesn't work on Hoary, but '''does''' in Dapper Drake.

== Mecer ==

=== Mecer N223II ===
 * See http://www.durbanet.co.za/colin/mecer-linux/mecer_n223ii_notebook_ubuntu_linux.html

== Mitac ==

=== Mitac 7521 ===

 * Suspend, Modem, IrDA: Untested
 * Keyboard buttons: Not working
 * Sound, Video, Mouse: Works wonderfully

== MSI ==

=== MSI MegaBook S270 ===

A sub-notebook, with 512MB RAM, AMD Mobile Sempron 2800+ and ATI Radeon graphics.

 * Installation of Kubuntu: Works without problems
 * Screen: 1280x800 properly detected, but xorg.conf needs '''Option "noaccel"''' otherwise Linux crashes. You do not need noaccel with X.org 6.9 or newer any longer. You can manually upgrade X.org (difficult) or wait until Dapper is released. 3D Acceleration works only with the ATI fglrx driver.
 * Sound: Dapper: No Problems. Breezy: Needs to be manually configured as well or you can use Kernel 2.6.14 or newer. Again you can manually upgrade the Kernel (not so difficult).
 * Kernel: Dapper: Works well. Breezy: You need the noapic boot option, otherwise the system clock runs twice as fast. With 2.6.10 you can not activate UDMA for your harddrive, this problem goes away if you upgrade to 2.6.12. With 2.6.14 or newer you can use disable_timer_pin_1 instead of noapic to work around the double timer speed problem.
 * Lan: Works without problems
 * W-LAN (ipn2220): Works with ndiswrapper. Difficult to configure, nothing for beginners, sometimes crashes the system at initialization. It looks like newer models were sold with an other (much more Linux friendly) wireless lan card.
 * DVD-burner: Reading and writing works
 * Card-reader: Does not work, only a slight hope it will work one day.
 * PCMCIA: untested, but seems to be supported
 * Bluetooth, Firewire: working
 * Brightness control with special keys: Seems to be controlled directly by the notebook/BIOS, so it works always regardless of the OS. There is a tool around which is able to control the brightness under linux.
 * Cool n Quiet: Fan runs only if needed but sometimes this seems to be not get activated during boot -> fan runs always
 * Powernow: powernow-k8: The DSDT is broken you have to fix it manually or you wont be able to change the frequency of your cpu.
 * Battery status: Is displayed correctly

Conclusion: With Dapper most work out of the box, except Cool n Quiet. Moreover the wireless-lan is a pain and the cardreader does not work.

== Panasonic ==

=== Panasonic Let's Note R3 ===
 * network, sound, USB2.0 ports, graphics, laptop mode and cpu throttling works fine.
 * Synaptics touchpad works and Ubuntu X has support for the circular edge scroll, but you need to activate it manually in XF86Config.
 * ACPI works mostly - battery level, temperature and so on is read fine
 * You need a separate driver to use brightness, volume and the other controls on the function keys. It can be found [http://www.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/~yokota/archive/pcc_acpi-0.8-hy20040929.tar.gz here], and related acpi scripts are [http://www.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/~yokota/archive/pcc-acpi-utils-20041013.tar.gz here], though they need to be tweaked a bit to fit Ubuntu.

=== Panasonic Toughbook R1n ===
 * network, sound, USB2.0/1.1 ports, graphics, laptop mode and cpu throttling works fine.
 * Synaptics touchpad works and Ubuntu X has support for the circular edge scroll, but you need to activate it manually in XF86Config.
 * ACPI works mostly - battery level, temperature and so on is read fine
 * You need a separate driver to use brightness, volume and the other controls on the function keys. It can be found [http://www.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/~yokota/archive/pcc_acpi-0.8-hy20040929.tar.gz here], and related acpi scripts are [http://www.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/~yokota/archive/pcc-acpi-utils-20041013.tar.gz here], though they need to be tweaked a bit to fit Ubuntu.
 * External monitor output works with a utility called i810switch, available in Universe.
 * Suspend to disk works on Hoary (3/16/05).
 * Suspend to ram does not work; it never comes back from sleep.
 * PCMCIA works.
 * Modem, SD card reader untested. Modem is unknown, and indications are that the SD reader will not work.

== Sager ==

=== Sager NP5690 ===

 * Currently running Hoary
 * Display, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 128MB DDR, 1400x1050 works
 * Ethernet (realtek) works
 * USB 2.0 ports, sound, touchpad, all work
 * Internal modem not tested
 * Hibernate not attempted, does not seem to work out of the box, only tried it quickly
 * Battery monitor works
 * CPU throttling (powernowd) does not work, this is a P4 w/hyperthreading, not currently supported
 * 6-in-one card reader does not work
 * Details for this laptop can be found at [http://www.sagernotebook.com/pages/notebooks/product.cfm?ProductType=5690#5690 the discount laptops page on this model].


Samsung P10

Installation is no problem. Didn't test the built-in modem as I do not need it. Network, Audio, Video, Touchpad, USB, Battery Indicator work perfect.

Suspend to RAM somewhat works, but after waking up the screen is scrambled with psychedelic colors and the machine is effectively locked up (not possible to change to terminals etc). So don't use Suspend to RAM at this moment.

Samsung R50

...see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/SamsungR50

Samsung X15

Basically works out of the box. Video, audio, touchpad all fine, USB mouse works too. Wireless LAN needs ndiswrapper, but then works fine.

CPU throttling works, but battery indicator does not work (using Warty, at least).

Function keys (brightness, volume, battery indicator) don't work, I haven't investigated yet.

Haven't tested PCMCIA, modem, external monitor, or suspend yet.

Samsung GT9000 Series

This laptop is quite old now but Breezy installed just fine. Runs very slow with the standard RAM but an upgrade sorts this out.

Touchpad (including the scroll buttons), screen, Intel i830 AGP graphics, USB, LAN, audio all works fine with no special configuration needed. No wireless built in but PCMCIA worked right away too and I am successfully using a Draytek 802.11b wireless card. Haven't tested the built-in modem as I have no use for it. Suspend to hard drive works.

Battery indicator works 95% of the time but I have seen it tell me I am running on battery power sometimes when the laptop is actually plugged in. It'll popup a message saying you're about to run out of power but nothing happens. Haven't tested an external monitor.

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