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  • Wow! What a list of new features! Going to test these out as soon as I can! - digimars
  • I hope Kubuntu developers consider this little patch for KDesktop for transparency support, that will allow the use of independent wallpapers on each viewport of "KDE+Compiz" desktops when Compiz is enabled, making compiz more integrated with Kubuntu (currently KDE paints the same wallpaper on each viewport), more info about the patch here: - javielillo

  • Was trying out Kubuntu on a brand new laptop before buying it this week and what can I say? Amazing work every single component worked right out of the box - astonishing work. Thank you! And with this version (I'm running it inside a VM for the moment) I can't believe how much great stuff you guys are adding! Thanks again and keep up the great work! - ANDREA
  • I hope that in this version are included by default the drivers for my usb wireless network (in other versions of Kubuntu I have to install this driver: ).

  • I need better support for nvidia/ati integration in kde, Better dual monitor support like buttons to move window from one screen to another, also for laptops moving from dual to single monitor.
  • I need better mount support, if a mount fails it would be nice to be able to force a mount (I have to go to the console to force mount if a filesystem was not deattached properly in 'another os').
  • Sometimes KDE wallet doesn't show up at the start of knetworkmanager so I cannot connect to networks.
  • I note that as the installer formats the ext partition I get asked if I want to mount it. I said no and everything proceeded fine. It never did that before. -- MitchGolden 2007-12-07 07:37:50

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