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To release Harvest, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. make sure there are no important merge proposals outstanding

  2. update the translations template (./ update-template), commit the change and push it to trunk

  3. wait until you get a confirmation mail from LP
  4. download the latest translations

  5. pull the newest trunk (lp:harvest)

  6. integrate the newest translations (./ import-translations ~/launchpad-export.tar.gz)

  7. ./ compilemessages

  8. test the release
  9. commit the translations, push to lp:harvest
  10. find out current milestone from

  11. ./ release <release number> beta

  12. commit, push to lp:harvest
  13. check out lp:~harvest-dev/harvest/production

  14. merge trunk release into lp:~harvest-dev/harvest/production, push

  15. send mail to rt at ubuntu dot com with this or similar content:

    Hello everybody,
    could you please go and update from
    lp:~harvest-dev/harvest/production? Here's the steps that are involved:
     - cd /srv/
     - bzr pull lp:~harvest-dev/harvest/production
     - cd harvest/
     - ./ compilemessages
     - (reload apache)
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    - Please make sure additional dependencies, additional steps, etc. need to be document carefully in there.

  16. Hang out in #canonical-sysadmin if the request should take longer.

  17. Create new milestone in current series.

  18. Once landed, make sure it all works.
  19. Close all bugs of the active milestone.

  20. Mark current milestone as released.

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