Harvest is currently offline. If there is desire to run it again, it needs a discussion with IS.


The code of harvest.ubuntu.com (offline) is hosted on Launchpad.

How to make Harvest releases.



  • Use django openid auth to allow log in
    • allow users to add comments to opportunities to allow more coordination
    • allow users to select package sets or packages where they're bug contact
    • allow users to select opportunity types
  • View
    • Always keep Opportunity List titles visible
  • Move to Canonical machine!

Nice to have

  • Data + Presentation
    • feature 'kind of contribution' depending on part of the release cycle
    • RSS LOVE
    • Set skill level (easy/medium/hard/..) for opportunities?
  • Data Import
    • allow .csv.gz
  • View + Use
    • allow users to select various packages too?

Old Version

Ubuntu Look

I felt that although functional, harvest needed a makeover, and so I chose to give it the theme of all the Ubuntu Sites. I chose this instead of a Launchpad theme, because Harvest at the moment is restricted to Ubuntu, but also there might be complications with misguiding users that this was launchpad etc.

To set up the theming of Harvest, I copied over the help.ubuntu.com css file & images and then set too work on the code. First I edited xhtml.py and added all the extra html above the actual content harvest produces. I then did the same for the footer of the page.

I also made the HACKING file look the same.

Apart from just changing the appearance, I also made one usability change. In you look at the screenshots at the end of this section, you can see that in the top-right hand corner, I created a (functional) search box. This allows a user to search for a package using the handler.py?pkg=PACKAGENAME syntax. This allows a user to search for a package a lot more easily than they currently can.



Fullsize 'Home Page' of Harvest


Fullsize Looking at some 'low-hanging fruit'


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