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waver AT ubuntu d0t com


WaVeR on irc.freenode.net, undernet.org

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What do I do in Ubuntu?

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu user since Warty Warthog
    Ubuntu Founder of Ubuntu Switzerland team and Ubuntu-ch ML
    Ubuntu Founder of Ubuntu forum on Swisslinux since 2004
    Ubuntu Founder of Ubuntu Morocco team
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Server team
    Ubuntu Ubuntu High Availability team
    Ubuntu Ubuntu testing team
    Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu-fr Planet
    Ubuntu Ubuntu laptop team (bug reporter)
    Ubuntu Ubuntu bugsquad (bug reporter)
    Ubuntu Old member of ubuntu-l10n-fr "Ubuntu French Translators"
    Ubuntu I was invited to the UDSKarmic

My real life ?

I'm 30 years old, I'm System Administrator for one of the big Hosting/Software Application Provider on Switzerland. I spend all my day with Ubuntu and linux Wink ;) and i'm verry happy

Last things I did / I'm doing for Ubuntu

  • Migrate all the server on my work from SuSE SLES to Ubuntu Server and doing some Ubuntu introduction for my colleagues
  • Try to show people that there's something else than Windows and that Linux is now quite easy to use.
  • Install Ubuntu for new people who want to use it.
  • French translation for Ubuntu
  • Talk about Ubuntu on my blog (actually the linuxbourg server is down)

IRC channels

You can find me on Freenode on the following channels

  • Ubuntu #Ubuntu-ch (Ubuntu Swiss group)
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu-ma (Ubuntu Morocco group)
    Ubuntu #ubuntu-fr (Ubuntu French users)
    Ubuntu #Debian-fr (Debian French users)
    Ubuntu #andesi (Another Debian Site)
    Ubuntu #Swisslinux (Swiss linux user group)

Mailing lists

I'm currently reading the following mailinglists

  • Ubuntu ubuntu-ch
    Ubuntu ubuntu-users
    Ubuntu ubuntu_planet-fr
    Ubuntu ubuntu-wiki
    Ubuntu ubuntu-laptop
    Ubuntu Ubuntu-ma
    Ubuntu Ubuntu-ha
    Ubuntu Ubuntu-Server
    Ubuntu Ubuntu-devel
    Ubuntu Ubuntu-devel-discuss
    Ubuntu Loco-contacts

Wiki/Doc pages



Dell Inspiron 6000 H-E, Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M 730 (Processor 1.60GHz 2M0 L2 cache 533MHz FSB), Chipset : Intel i915GM/PM/GMS/910GML, Southbridge : Intel 82801FBM (ICH6-M), Memory : DDR2-SDRAM PC4300 - 2x512 MBytes, Audio : SIGMATEL STAC 975X AC97, NIC : Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0, WiFi : Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG, Video : ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Radeon Mobility M300] 128 MBytes, Display : 1280x800, Screen : 15.4" LCD WXGA, Battery : 6 Cell 53 Whr Lithium-Ion

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon



Debian Sid

90% (around 220 server) of my WorkServer


Ubuntu Server

Peoples comments on my Ubuntu member application

Feel free to edit my wikipage and put your comment here.

Mr. ElJacifi forced^H^H^H^H^H^H convinced us to use Ubuntu on our corporate servers. We are now very happy with the result. (Atif Ghaffar.)

Hassan is a very nice and helpful guy. No matter which problems occur with my 3 ubuntu machines he came up fast with good, reliable and secure solutions. If he cannot give a solution immediately he tries and tries and tries until he succeeds. And last but not least he is always happy to discuss any imaginable setup or strategy. I am glad to have him around here Wink ;-) (Jørgen Recke)

Hassan is very active on the Swisslinux.org forums (moderation) and wiki, with many contributions to help people with GNU/Linux. He asked the administrator to open the Ubuntu subforum in 2004. (Calimarno for Swisslinux.org)

I'm proud to know this guy! It's great to work with him. (Marcel Best)

Hassan is a very effective ubuntu evangelist. The day he received the ubuntu cds my laptop partitions crashed. And there was no way to recover it with commercial tools (Microsoft, Dell, Partition Magic,..). But Hassan could put it back to work in a few minutes with a ubuntu cd. That's convincing. Smile :) (Matthieu G.)

Hassan is publishing on Ubuntu-fr Planet since several months. His articles are interesting and pertinent. He is always participating in internal discussions in order to give his feelings, his thoughts, which is, according to me, really important. That is a real pleasur to work with him. (Szdavid, Ubuntu-fr Planet administrator)

As Hassan is one of my colleague, we have to join our energy together in order to realize our job as well as possible. So I can affirm that this guy is strongly effective and find always solutions with each problem... But above all, Hassan is an human with a big sense of values like respect, honesty and humility. (Pierre Ménétrey)

My Geek Code


  • GCS d- s:+ a- C++$ UL++++ P+ L++++ E--- W++ N+ !o K- w !O !M !V PS PE Y PGP++ !t !5 X R- tv- b+ DI++ D G e+++


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