Brainstorm Ideas

  • This page is for members to openly post ideas for the team. Please post below Ideas section and in bullet form.


  • Contacted to HOSEF and LUAU mailing list.
  • Contact Big Island Linux Users Group about joining forces in Hawai`i. *Email Sent*

  • Agenda item - Local business networking. Identifying local vendors to provide support arm, where desired by Hawaiʻi businesses and beyond the scope of Hawaiʻi LoCo. In relation to this, contacting Canonical to determine how they provide paid support and identify what possibilities are available in this respect to Hawaiʻi business community.

  • Agenda item - Outreach program for distribution of Ubuntu to Hawaiʻi community. Includes possible creation of Hawaiʻi oriented distribution/Live CD. Identifying and voting on suggested breakdown of this program into several community specific requirements, including but not limited to documentation/software distribution, marketing/advertising, training, and technical support availability.
  • Suggested nickname for the team, Shakabuntu. It is more Hawaiian then Ubuntu Hawaii team.
  • Suggested teams for the Hawaii Team;
    1. Artwork team for wallpapers, themes, and other things that can make Ubuntu have more Aloha spirit.
    2. Documentation team to write Wiki documentation for Ubuntu and write documentation to help local charities install Ubuntu on donated computers
    3. Marketing Team to distribute cds, fliers, and plan events to get people interested in Ubuntu.
    4. Support team to support local residents with phone support
    5. Packing team to create packages and custom Ubuntu for Hawaii.
  • Identify possible leaders for Maui, Hawai`i and neighboring islands.
  • Identify possible partnerships with UH (different departments, etc.)

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