Physics student from Finland.

Contact information

  • Email: heikki.mantysaari @ linux.fi
  • IRC: heikki @ Freenode, IRCNet and OFTC

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

My main contributions have been in the localization field as a translator and an administrator of the Ubuntu Finnish translators and Launchpad Finnish translators teams. I am also active member in the Finnish LoCo team. In addition to Ubuntu I'm active writer and an administrator of http://linux.fi wiki.

I also contribute to Debian and Ubuntu by maintaining the package mozvoikko.


See also my Launchpad homepage (PPA, code)


As a translators team admin I'm trying to improve the communication between Ubuntu Finnish Translators and upstream translator teams. I'd also want to do more packaging work with Ubuntu and Debian and perhaps become a DD or MOTU someday. But in the near future I'll concentrate on the translations.

I'll also keep working with linux.fi and I'd want to see it as a front page of Linux in Finland.

Cheers from others

Heikki is a reliable guy who's done a great job on the documentation (ubuntu-fi.org, linux.fi) and finnish translations, also maintaining the finnish spell-checker mozvoikko. He knows what he wants and then goes for it - and seems to get there very often Smile :) I support his membership approval. -- risto.kurppa 2009-10-22 20:24:06

Heikki has been a great co-administrator at Finnish Translators team, handling member applications more timely than I ever did Wink ;) Also elsewhere everything he does is professional and often quite needed. Mozvoikko is a very valuable contribution, and it was contributed in the "right" way: Debian -> Ubuntu universe -> MIR -> main. Outside Ubuntu, the linux.fi he maintains is The Linux site in Finland, and together with Ubuntu Finland's site the most popular by far as well. He has done tremendous documentation / instructions work there in addition to administrating it. And indeed he has also contributed to ubuntu-fi's blog, forums, IRC planning and events as well as one of the most active people we have in Finland. -- timo-jyrinki 2009-10-23 06:12:00


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